Ishq SubhanAllah: Miraj and Zeenat to foil Zara-Kabeer’s union

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Kabeer and Zara forget their hatred and come closer. They then break the moment and start fighting. They get another chance to argue. Zara is happy that Kabeer is still talking to her. She doesn’t want silence to get between them. She knows he will get a backache and doesn’t let him sleep on the sofa. She sends him to sleep on the bed and acts kiddish. Kabeer gets helpless to agree to his stubborn wife. Zara plays with the kids. Miraj eyes Zara and makes her fall to lend her support. Miraj hugs her and tries to show Kabeer that Zara likes him. He creates misunderstandings between Kabeer and Zara.Zeenat watches them and taunts on their romance. She embarrasses Zara and asks her to at least wait to romance till she gets divorced. Zeenat says your life’s one chapter didn’t end, and you are preparing to write a new one. She accuses Zara for her bad behavior. She says if you had to do this, why did you act as Kabeer’s wife, you have done a big drama. She asks Zara not to play games with them.

Zeenat and Miraj plot to fool Zara. Zeenat asks Zara to stop herself from such things, else she will find in big trouble. Zara fails to explain Zeenat. Zeenat serves tea to Zara and says Kabeer has removed you from his project, you would have some shame to stay away. Zara says I m Kabeer’s wife, I will surely attend the project inauguration ceremony with Kabeer.

Kabeer’s dad permits Zeenat to insult Zara and break her down, so that Zara leaves the house. Kabeer gets worried when he feels the funds shortage for his new project of supporting poor children’s education. Zara likes his good intentions. She tells Kabeer that she can help him and is ready to give her Meher amount to support the project. Kabeer doesn’t accept her help and turns egoistic. Zara wishes Kabeer understands her.


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