Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi upsets Sherlyn with his decision


Karan and Preeta come to the hospital to know about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Prithvi sees them and runs to hide. He wonders why did they come here? He thinks to create a drama and scold Preeta for coming with Karan. He thinks only he has right on her. Preeta asks Nurse Bhavna about Sherlyn and her boyfriend. Prithvi gets shocked knowing Preeta knows about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Bhavna tells her that Sherlyn came and is busy with Dr. Seema. The nurse takes a selfie with Karan making Preeta jealous. The doctor checks Sherlyn and tells her if she can’t do the abortion. Sherlyn gets angry at her. The doctor tells her that if she aborts her baby then she will die too due to the complications in her womb.

She says you will be alive if you let this baby alive. She asks her to tell her family members about her pregnancy and says your condition is such that your baby bump will be visible soon than it is seen in normal pregnancy. Sherlyn worries about Prithvi’s reaction. Doctor asks her to change her clothes and says she will explain to her.

Prithvi steals a woman’s shawl and covers himself. He calls Sherlyn. The doctor picks the call thinking Sherlyn’s family called her. Prithvi thinks Sherlyn is on call and informs that Karan and Preeta are in the hospital and going to meet Doctor. She asks her to get their baby aborted and asks Dr. to keep her mouth shut. Dr. Seema scolds him for pressurizing her for abortion. Prithvi says I didn’t mean that. Dr. Seema says you want to kill a baby before his birth. Dr. Seema asks Sherlyn to get such man arrested for threatening her.


Karan teases Preeta and asks if something happens to her being jealous. Preeta says nothing happened to her. She says she was feeling pity for that girl. He holds her hand and asks if something happened now. Preeta says no. He pulls her closer and asks if something happened? She nods no. Karan says you might be feeling something now and says The Karan Luthra might be your dream guy, but your lazy heart didn’t let me come in your dreams. Preeta denies it. Karan pulls her closer romantically. Both of them get embarrassed. Karan says let’s do some work. Sherlyn calls Prithvi.

Prithvi asks her to act and asks Doctor to be silent in front of Karan and Preeta. He asks her to handle the do or die situation. Karan and Preeta knock on Dr. Seema’s room. Sherlyn gets tensed. Karan sees Prithvi in the hospital and hiding from him. He comes and keeps a hand on his shoulder. Prithvi gets shocked. He makes excuses, but Karan understands his lie. Later, Sherlyn informs Prithvi that she can’t get her abortion done due to the complication. Prithvi scolds her and asks her to abort the baby even if it meant risking her life. Sherlyn is shocked and fights with him for not worrying about her life. They have a major fight.


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