Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni’s step to cohere Raman and Ishita


Simmi conspires to keep Adi’s child away from the house. Raman wants to make sure that Ishita doesn’t interrupt him in his plan. He takes help from his dad and tricks Roshni into coming to the hospital. Ishita realizes that she was fooled by Raman. She wonders why did Shweta call her at the bank, what’s Raman planning. She gets Simmi’s call. Simmi alerts her about Raman’s move to conducts Roshni’s DNA test. Ishita gets a big shock. She calls Roshni to inform her. Roshni doesn’t learn the matter. Ishita asks her to leave from there and avoid the trap. Roshni misses out the truth. Nurse takes Roshni to the ward. Ishita rushes to meet Roshni and stop the DNA test which could harm the baby as well. Roshni meets Raman and learns his plan.

Raman tells her that he wants the child’s DNA test to be done. He asks Roshni not to take stress. She gets angry on Raman’s cheat. He tells her that he has court orders for the same. She doesn’t listen and asks him to call Ishita first. He doesn’t let her seek Ishita’s help.

Raman convinces Roshni for the test. Ishita reaches the hospital and questions Raman about cheating Roshni. He tells her that he is doing this to get evidence about Adi’s child. She tells him that its wrong, he can’t do this. He tells her that he has Roshni’s consent. She tells him that she will prove its Adi’s child, but he has to leave Roshni. He asks her not to worry for Roshni, as doctors are attending her, he isn’t punishing Roshni. He records her statement as per his plan. Ishita finds Roshni with the family and understands how Raman triggered her to accept the truth by the drama.


He tells Ishita that he wanted her to admit the truth, he would never risk the life of Adi’s child. He tells her that he will use her confession in the court and expose Shantanu’s lie. Ishita gets worried. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy that Roshni and baby will come home. She asks the family to decorate a room for the baby. Ishita asks Roshni not to take any tension. Raman feels Ishita has invited problems herself by getting Shantanu to the court. He is sure that Ishita can’t find any solution.

Ishita tells her lawyer that she wants to tell truth in the court, even if she loses the case. She promises Roshni that she will try her best to stop her separation from her child. Raman reveals to the court that Ishita has lied in the court about Adi’s child. He presents the evidence of Ishita’s confession. Ishita tells the judge that she wasn’t involved in Shantanu’s lie, she just kept quiet to win the case. Her excuses don’t work in the court. She fails to prove her intentions and concern for Roshni. Raman tells the judge that the child will get a family and financial security with Bhallas. Ishita tells the judge that she wishes the best for the child. The judge tells them that she knows the issues arising in the custody battle. She leaves the decision in Roshni’s hands. She asks Roshni to decide with whom she wants to live. Roshni takes some time to decide. Roshni decides to hand over her child to Bhallas on the condition that they accept Ishita back in the family.


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