Shakti: Super Nani’s entry to add up new drama in Singh Family

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harak Singh and Harman family unite back and erase the division line just for the sake of Nani. Preeto’s mum informs them that she is coming home. Preeto gets worried that her mum will come and see the bad truth of her family. She asks Harak and Harman to keep the partition if they want, its fine if her mum is coming after many years, she should also see the partition. Soumya asks Preeto to leave her anger and not upset her mum. She asks the family members to make everything proper, her mum shouldn’t know about the house division. Harman rushes and clears the partition.

The family members proper the house and join back together before Nani arrives. Preeto welcomes Nani. Harak gets Nani and surprises her. Nani blesses Preeto and grandchildren. She meets Soumya and really likes her, finding her pretty. She blesses Soumya and gifts her on their first meet.

Nani loves Harman a lot. She regrets to not come in his wedding. She tells Harman that she is happy meeting his wife, he is really lucky. Harman hugs her. He has a great bond with her and calls her Super Nani. Everyone respects and loves Nani, but are scared of her as well. She doesn’t know Soumya is a kinner. How will Nani react on learning the truth? Keep reading.


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