Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to libel IshRa’s romance by chance

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Raman gets drunk. He comes home and shocks Ishita. Ishita asks him what is he doing, the family will see him like this and scold him. He forgets the way to his room. They have a moment. Simmi and Parmeet become a hurdle in their love story. Simmi finds them and asks Ishita to have some shame and romance in room. Ishita answers Simmi. Raman and Parmeet get into an argument. Raman says its my house and my wish, Parmeet is nobody to stop me. Ishita takes Raman to the room before anyone else sees him. Ishita gets much upset with him. She puts him to sleep. She recollects their past moments. Ishita tells Raman that she knows his truth, he can never do anything wrong with anyone, but he is at fault as he was drunk the day he met Tania.

Raman tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong, but he doesn’t remember anything what happened at Tania’s place. Ishita says I have seen you that day, you didn’t remember anything and you confessed this, you were not able to stand on your feet. She scolds him for losing out after getting too drunk.

She says Tania has the CCTV footage and also your phone, that’s enough evidence against you, what will we do now. Raman explains her that he can never stoop so low. Ishita tells him that she has faith in him and she will surely get him out of this mess. Later, Raman complains of his backache. Ishita asks him not to hide his pain, which will get worse if left unattended. He makes excuses that he has already taken medicines. She asks him not to lie. She applies the ointment for his back relief. She takes care of Raman. She finds him sleeping and gets his phone to check and spy. Raman wakes up and asks her what is she doing, is she checking the phone. He asks her to stop spying on him. She tells him that she didn’t check anything, as the phone is locked. Raman tells her that he actually feels better, the pain is less. He thanks her for relieving his pain, but warns her against doubting on him. Ishita argues with him. Simmi and Parmeet target Ishita again and want to make her out of the house.


  1. Omg this show is just getting too predictable…Its the same old same old…Simmi n Param seems to never get caught…Going around in circles…lol


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