Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to surprise Sikandar with her talent yet again


Sikandar loses his contracts because of Tevar. He gets tensed. Lovely supports and encourages him that no one can ruin his career. She shows her belief in his talent. He gets quite surprised. Kulfi learns about Lovely’s birthday. She wants to give a surprise to Lovely. She doesn’t have any money. She asks the servants if she can do any work and get money. She doesn’t want to take help from anyone. Kulfi worries and goes to meet Sikandar. She finds him sad and asks the matter. He tells her that he is composing a song and got stuck midway.

She asks him about her problem’s solution. Sikandar composes a song and asks her to first sing a song with him. Her voice makes him set the right tune. She sings the song and defines a new tune. He gets surprised. Kulfi helps him. His mood gets better. He happily hugs her. Kulfi asks him for 100 rupees, which she has to give to Amyra to contribute in buying a gift for Lovely. Sikandar explains her that elders don’t want money or gifts from children, they just want love and respect. He asks Kulfi to just love Lovely and please her. They have a cute moment.


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