Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya’s open challenge to shock Roshni

YHM, Ruhi thanks Roshni

Ruhi thanks Roshni for deciding such and uniting Ishita and Raman by keeping such condition. Ruhi is sure that they will come together for the sake of Adi’s child. She tells Roshni that the entire family will be grateful to her. She wants Ishita to return home. Simmi informs Parmeet about Roshni’s condition. She can’t tolerate to see Ishita back in the family. Raman and Ishita tell their decision to the court that the baby is really important to them, and they can get together to look after the baby. Their decision makes everyone happy. Judge asks Ishita to stay in Bhalla house with Roshni and her child, and share the custody with Raman. Ruhi gets happy for her parents’ union. Ishita finds Mani upset with her. He gets angry on her for returning to Bhalla house and taking along Roshni.

He tells her that Roshni should be away from Aaliya. He feels Ishita has cheated him this way. He asks her to think what’s Aaliya going through, Aaliya has given her consent to accept Roshni, but they have to think about Aaliya’s emotional trauma. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she didn’t have an option as she can’t tolerate the baby to be taken away from Roshni. She tells him that she wishes the best for Roshni, she tried her best and failed. He scolds her for not caring for Aaliya and just hurting her by her wrong moves. He blames her for snatching Adi’s husband and turning her into a widow. He severs all their ties. Shagun warns Ishita against hurting Aaliya. Ishita assures that she will talk to Aaliya. Ruhi asks Ishita to pack her stuff and come home.

Raman tells Ishita that he will pick her from home. Roshni apologizes to Ishita for her sudden shocking condition. Ishita tells Roshni that her decision has made her Aaliya’s culprit. She asks Roshni to think about Aaliya and her sorrow. Roshni vows to not hurt Aaliya by her presence in Bhalla house. Bhallas get prepared to welcome Roshni. Simmi tries to break the peace. Mrs. Bhalla vents anger on her and makes her out. Aaliya returns home and finds the family too excited. She learns about Ishita and Roshni’s home coming. Romi too comes back from his work trip.


Mihika shares the good news with him, but he doesn’t show any enthusiasm. Raman tells Aaliya that he had no option than to accept Ishita back. She tells him that she understands the need of the hour. Raman feels proud of her for showing so much maturity. Bhallas welcome Roshni. Ruhi plans Ishita’s Grahpravesh. She brings Raman and Ishita together. She asks Ishita to share her room with Raman, rather than occupying the guest room. She doesn’t listen to Raman and Ishita’s complaints. Aaliya shocks Roshni by expressing her motives. She throws an open challenge for Roshni, and tells her that she will soon snatch her baby.

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