Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to foil Tania’s plan; A protest to tense Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman, when Tania accuses Raman for her MMS. Raman tells the family that he didn’t do anything. Ishita defends Raman. She decides to stand by Raman, knowing he is true. She tells them that Raman respects women, he can never do this and she can’t believe this, he can never insult any woman. She supports Raman. Raman asks Tania to get evidence against him. Tania tells Raman that she has his mobile phone, which she found at her home. Raman says we don’t know what happened at your home. Tania asks how did the recording come in your phone. Ishita says you can easily use Raman’s phone and make the video, why shall we believe you. She justifies Raman.

She tells Tania that Raman wasn’t able to walk or talk, how could he plot such things in drunken state, its too tough to execute this by remembering things. She tells Shagun that Tania is framing Raman. She asks the family not to doubt on Raman. Tania warns them about police.

Ishita asks Tania to freely contact police and keep answers ready. She asks Tania to think of answering the police for taking drunken Raman home. She scares Tania about the dire consequences. Raman gets happy that Ishita supported him. The family feels upset. Shagun tells Ishita that Raman can do anything in drunken state, they should find out the truth. Mr. Bhalla also tells them that he trusts Raman, but not on his wine addiction. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that Raman is addicted since few months. Ishita tells them that Raman can’t do something so wrong with anyone. She gets heartbroken when the family doubts on Raman. She says Raman is not wrong, I don’t care even if you don’t believe me, I can’t tolerate this, I will never accept that Raman made the MMS. She asks Bhallas elders to at least trust their own upbringing. Tania asks Shagun to support her. She convinces Shagun for playing with Bhallas’ emotions.


Ishita challenges Tania and wants to fail her. Later, Raman gets trapped by Tania once again. He faces big problems when NGO women protect against him. They ask him an answer for the MMS incident. Tania tells them that she wants justice.

Raman clears out that he isn’t behind any cheap MMS. He asks the women to leave from his office. He tells Tania that he won’t care if she does anything, he isn’t scared as he isn’t wrong. Tania asks the women to humiliate Raman. They don’t listen and get angry on Raman.

Raman bears all the insult. Tania warns him about getting him punished for his black deed. The ladies tell Raman that they will blacken his face, as he has stained a woman’s respect. They get slipper garland for Raman. Raman asks the guards to stop them. Tania asks the women not to leave Raman and beat him up. She wants Raman to be punished. Raman has to prove all allegations wrong. Raman isn’t aware of Parmeet’s plotting. His drinking addiction makes him land in such a problem.

Later, Roshni delivers the baby. Adi’s child brings Raman and Ishita together. They will be seen with confused reactions in the upcoming track. They will be expressing happiness and love once again, but their tashan will continue.


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