Shakti: Soumya turns upset with Nani’s expectations

Shakti Soumya adds huge twists Heer's happiness jitters

Harman takes a stand for Surbhi, after the big revelation during her birthday party. Harman gets Varun arrested for torturing and humiliating Surbhi and her family. Varun manages to come out of jail. Harman meets Varun and warns him. He asks Varun to manage his responsibility and not let anyone complain. He threatens of sending Varun to jail once again if he fails to mend his ways. Harman and Soumya come home late from Surbhi’s birthday party. Harak Singh locks the door and doesn’t let them enter, saying they are late. Harman tells that he will spend time with Soumya outside the house. He tells Soumya that place doesn’t matter to him, but her support matters. He says he will be happy with her wherever he is. Soumya gets happy and smiles.

Later, Soumya gets upset when Nani asks her to have children soon. Soumya can’t tell Nani the truth. She can’t fulfill Nani’s expectations. Harman finds Soumya sad and asks her to keep smiling always, why is she thinking of people’s words. He tells her that people will keep talking, it doesn’t mean that they should lose their happiness. He says if you get sad, I should find new ideas every day to make you smile. Harman shouts that we both are mad, mad in each other’s love.

He romances Soumya. He doesn’t let her go away. He worships Soumya as Devi. He tells her that he isn’t afraid of anyone. He makes Soumya smile. Shanno sees Soumya coming to their side of the house and scolds her. She asks Soumya not to forget that division line is still there, even if its wiped off for Nani’s sake. She says the division is intact, you can’t come to our side, we won’t permit you this side. She hates Soumya as she is a kinner. She wants to tell Nani that Soumya is a kinner, so that Nani throws her out. Preeto stops Shanno from her evil motives.


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