Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini’s charm to leave Kunal mesmerized


Mauli surprises Kunal and creates a moment for him. Kunal asks Mauli is this any mischief again. She then makes way for Nandini. Nandini gets a cake for Kunal. Kunal and Nandini have an eye lock. Nandini mesmerizes Kunal. She thanks Kunal for helping her move on. She tells Kunal that he has motivated her a lot. Kunal gets happy that Nandini took his advice. She lights the candles and asks him to cut the cake, which she made especially for him. Kunal cuts the cake. Nandini recollects the old days and tells Kunal about Mauli and her college fun. She shows how Mauli used to dance often in college. Everyone laughs seeing Mauli’s type of careless dance. Nandini shares some moments and memories of Mauli and her. The family gets a good laugh hearing the old tales.

Kunal stays confused and goes away from the gathering. He doesn’t want Nandini to take care of him. He wonders why is Nandini doing so much for him. He feels like he is losing out his emotions. He thinks why did he get mesmerized seeing Nandini’s beauty.

He fears that his emotions for Nandini are changing, which he doesn’t want. He goes to kitchen at night. He touches a hot bowl unknowingly and gets his hand burnt. Nandini sees him and takes care of his burn. She applies the ointment. She tells him that its his hard work that she has got rid of her silence and fears, she really wants to start a new life. She gets grateful to Kunal for showing how a good husband should be. She feels Mauli is very lucky to get him. Kunal gets attracted towards Nandini and feels its completely wrong. He stops being cheerful and gets reserved to end their growing friendship.


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