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    Jiji Maa

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
    Naira informs Kartik about Suwarna’s accident. Kartik gets moved and rushes to Suwarna. Naira and Kartik take her to the hospital. Manish expects something good to happen. He gets surprised when he gets a call from Naira. She informs him about Suwarna’s accident. Manish informs the family members. Akhilesh asks Surekha to get ready fast, as they have to go Mumbai and see Suwarna at the hospital. Everyone gets emotionally low on hearing about the accident. They all feel guilty to lie to Suwarna about Naira. Kirti and Naksh accompany them. Kartik and Naira wish for Suwarna’s recovery. Kartik gets terrified and wonders what happened that Suwarna drove the car alone and met with the unfortunate accident. Naira finds him too depressed and consoles her. She gives him strength.


    Anika takes the rings to the temple to stop the engagement. She apologizes to Lord for her move. She doesn’t want Priyanka’s life to get ruined. She finds Shivay there and lies to him. He finds her behavior odd. Anika feels she is doing the right thing. The families meet yet again for Priyanka and Daksh’s engagement. Tia and Shivay compliment each other. Obros tell Tia that Shivay doesn’t like to hug, he is quite low in expressing his emotions. Shivay doesn’t like anyone hugging him. Tia asks them not to tease Shivay. She is happy with Shivay the way he is. Omkara is sure that Shivay will learn how to express love as Tia has entered his life. Omkara doesn’t know that Anika is the one made for Shivay. Anika turns out to be Shivay’s soul mate. They have a hug, unplanned and unexpected. Shivay hugs Anika while trying to hold her, when she loses balance again. They have a moment.


    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita have a fight for the pillow. She calls him a pillow thief. He asks her why is she taking all the pillows. They have a cute argument. He tells her that the AC isn’t working in the room. She asks him to sleep on the ground, else he will develop a backpain by sleeping on the couch. He doesn’t listen to her and asks her to just sleep. Ruhi and Roshni like their fighting. They get hopeful that Raman and Ishita will come closer soon. Ruhi wishes the child ends all the problems in the family. Roshni thinks to leave soon once she delivers the baby. Raman and Ishita get concerned for each other. Raman gets back ache and lies to Ishita. She realizes that he is hiding his pain for his own reasons. He asks her to stay away from him. She tries to help him out, but he limits her.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara hopes to get the original will. She tells Jayant that she has some back ache. He asks for the cash to pay to his NGO. She gives him the cash. She sees the will and expresses her feelings. She wants to get the will as soon as possible, so that she can kick out everyone from the house. Falguni finds a teddy in Suyash’s room. Niyati talks to her and tricks her to make her sleep in Suyash’s room. Falguni agrees to sleep in Suyash’s room. Uttara wants Falguni to sleep in her room. Falguni refuses to her, just by obeying Niyati. Niyati tells Uttara that Falguni won’t come to her. Suyash doesn’t wish Falguni to leave. Falguni tells him that she will sleep with the teddy. She asks him to share the room. Uttara gets unhappy seeing them. Suyash asks Uttara to let Falguni sleep if she wants.

    Mayavi Maling:
    Pranali gets trapped by losing her powers when she proceeds to conclude the rituals. Maharaj Shil Aditya tries to save her and fails to do so. He realizes that he isn’t able to use his powers. He tells Pranali that its surely the culprit who has stolen the potion and made them weak. He asks the servants to call everyone from the palace and gather them once. Angad tells Madhumali that he is troubled as his hands are illuminating after using the potion. He doesn’t want anyone to see his hands. He tells her that his hands are getting brighter with time, he can’t fool Shil Aditya and Pranali this time.

    Madhumali tells him that she can’t help him with this. She asks Angad to come with her and know the new problem inside the palace. Bhoomi tells Garima about Adhivanth and Eshwarya’s alliance talks. This breaks Garima’s heart. The family learns about the ritual failing and Pranali falling in danger. Shil Aditya tells them that someone has misused the potion and this is the reason that Pranali fell in trouble.

    Garima gets upset on seeing Eshwarya. Eshwarya understands the matter’s sensitivity. She tells Shil Aditya that the culprit has to keep his hands on the block so that Pranali can get freed. Garima starts blaming Eshwarya and calls her a liar. Eshwarya asks her the cause of her annoyance. She keeps her hands on the block and proves her innocence. Shil Aditya summons everyone and tries to catch the thief.

    Garima tells Eshwarya that she is upset because of Adhivanth. Shil Aditya asks Arak to come ahead and prove his innocence if he is not the culprit. Arak proves that he didn’t use the potion. Arak gets scared and runs off, even though he is innocent. Adhivanth gets upset with Shil Aditya’s suspicion. Rajmata also gives the test and tells them that its more important that they think of freeing Pranali. Everyone tries their best to get Pranali freed. Shil Aditya asks Kalindi to help Pranali and get her released. He refuses to reveal Maling’s secrets. He asks her not to refuse and insult his command and queen. Madhumali tries to protect Angad from the blame and refuses the test. Angad reaches the place and is asked to give the test. Madhumali gets panicking that her son will be caught. Pranali realizes Angad is her culprit. She sees Angad’s true face. Shil Aditya decides to get Angad punished for his crime.


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