Ishqbaaz: Shivay to deal with his new-found insecurities


Shivay feels sorrowful seeing Anika’s alliance fixing. He deals with his unknown and unrealized feelings for Anika. He asks her to come out and talk to him for a minute. Anika asks him if there is anything important to talk. He spares her and lets her stay in the outhouse. He doesn’t want to spoil her happiness. She asks him to stop Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, as Daksh is a cheap minded guy. She tells him that he will regret later when he knows the truth. He asks her if she is sure about Nikhil’s character and can guarantee to him. She tells him that she is asking him to think about his sister’s happiness. He asks her to address him as Shivay. Nikhil steals Anika back from him. Shivay feels bad seeing them together.

Priyanka learns about Anika’s marriage fixing. She congratulates Anika. She asks Shivay to congratulate Anika too. Anika tells Priyanka that she will manage all the arrangements and keep her own marriage functions sidelined. She wants to be sincere in her work. Priyanka tells him that its Anika’s engagement today. Shivay gets moved on hearing this. He doesn’t know why is he getting so affected by Anika’s engagement. He tells his brothers that Anika is getting married and will go. They ask him why does this matter to him. They don’t want Shivay to have any problem with Anika’s marriage. Shivay tells them that he doesn’t like anyone marrying. He behaves strange and makes them worry.

Anika and Priyanka have a talk about their friends. Anika tries to know if Daksh and Payal are old friends. Priyanka tells Anika that Daksh knows Payal well, as he visits India often for meeting her. Shivay fears that Anika can say anything wrong about Daksh and hurt Priyanka’s heart. He gets Anika out from Priyanka’s room. He then engages her in work and gives her a huge order of sweets to manage. She tells him that its tough to give the order to someone else and rely, so she will make it herself. He gets amazed on hearing her challenge. Anika goes ahead and makes sweets to complete the huge order.

Gauri feels proud of Anika. She defends Anika and tells their aunt that Anika will be home for engagement on time. Anika feels she can’t make it on time. Gauri calls her up to come home before Nikhil. Anika gets her hands burnt while making the sweets. Shivay gets the engagement ring chosen by Dadi. The jeweller asks him to check the ring. Gauri meets Anika at Oberoi mansion and asks her to come along so that she can get prepared for the engagement. Anika tells her that she was finishing the work. She tells Shivay that she has completed the order. He realizes that she got her hands burnt and swollen while preparing the sweets. Aunt worries that the Nikhil’s ring won’t fit her swollen fingers now.

Anika tells her that Nikhil will understand her and not make it an issue. Shivay overhears their conversation and stops Anika to seek her help in ring selection. Lately, Bhavya and Rudra have a meet. They get into an argument when Rudra crosses the signal. She hands over the challan to him. She snatches his license and asks him to collect it from police station. Gauri prepares to deck up Anika. Gauri wants to ensure that Anika doesn’t face any troubles. Shivay gets displeased with the thought of Anika’s engagement. He makes her wear the ring, supposed for Tia.

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