Mayavi Maling: Madhumali to plan a demonic attack on Maling

Madhumali returns for revenge

Angad gets caught with his glowing hands. Shil Aditya scolds Angad for cheating them and getting away with the magical potion. He wants Pranali to punish Angad, as she holds the highest authority as a queen. Pranali gets hugely disappointed that Angad cheated her. She didn’t expect him to lie so much. Angad lies to them that Kalindi made him use the potion. He tells Shil Aditya that he really wants to help Pranali. He goes ahead to the blocks of the secret chamber and places his hands to unlock Pranali. Pranali gets freed. Shil Aditya asks Angad to carry on the rituals.

Angad performs the rituals with Pranali. Shil Aditya tries to keep the secrecy and blindfolds him. Angad gets tensed when he gets in contact with Maling lake water. He fears to get burnt by the water. He gets surprised when nothing happens to him. He comes out safe after doing the rituals.

Shil Aditya let him free as he has helped Pranali. Angad meets Madhumali and tells her how he got saved after touching the pure water. Madhumali and Angad make the next plan. Angad tells Shil Aditya that Kalindi has instigated him against Maling. He asks them to punish Kalindi. On the other hand, Chegu stays restless to meet Eshwarya once. He feels he has harsh to blame her. He sends Antara to reach Eshwarya. Madhumali attacks on Malind openly and shows them that she is a Daanav vanshi. She reveals his deminic side and shocks then. Eshwarya faces Madhumali’s attack.


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