Jiji Maa: Suyash to make a shocking decision


Uttara receives a big shock when Falguni plays with the property papers, which hands in Suyash’s hands. Suyash reads the papers. Niyati stops Falguni and tells her that she will get a bigger plane for her. Suyash and Jayant get upset with Uttara after reading the papers. Niyati thinks its coincidence that Falguni found the papers in Uttara’s locker. Uttara gets relieved that Jayant’s dad original will is still not found by them. Jayant questions Uttara about hiding the will. She tells him that she has a reason to do this, and she hopes that Suyash and he will understand her. She reveals that she didn’t wish her sons to fight for the property, she didn’t wish the truth to come out and break Vidhaan’s heart, as the entire property is just meant for Suyash’s child.

Suyash feels sorrowful knowing the real cause. He comes in Uttara’s words and takes a shocking decision to support her and name his entire property to Vidhaan. She tells them that property breaks even joint families, she didn’t wish this to happen with them, she is fine with Suyash taking all the property. She sheds tears and tells Suyash that she wants both her sons to stay united and happy.

Niyati feels Uttara has acted clever and trapped everyone in her words once again. Falguni asks Uttara not to cry again. Suyash tells Niyati that he will not go to office now, Vidhaan will handle all the work, and take over the business. Uttara gets happy with Suyash’s decision. Suyash doesn’t want Vidhaan to own everything, since it won’t make any difference. Jayant suggests him to equally divide the property. Suyash doesn’t want to lose Vidhaan, who is more dear to him than the property. Suyash asks them to support him. He blindly believes Uttara. Niyati gets angry on Uttara for cheating Suyash so badly. She asks Suyash not to name everything to Vidhaan, since Vidhaan won’t like it. Suyash tells her that he is doing this to end Uttara’s fears. He calls the lawyer to make the papers. Niyati feels sorry for Suyash. Uttara gets happy to get everything for her only son Vidhaan. She feels like winning a big battle.


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