Krishna Chali London: Krishna to break free from Shukla’s boundaries


Shukla hurts his wife because of Krishna. Krishna tries to talk out, but none pays attention to her. Shukla leaves the food in anger. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna how much will she insult them. Krishna doesn’t understand her mistake. Radhe’s mum feels their fate got cursed that Krishna came in their family. She punishes Krishna and takes away the food plate from her. She asks Krishna to remember the house arrest. Radhe fails to take a stand for Krishna. He also leaves the food for the sake of Krishna. Krishna feels like she has fallen between mad people. She asks Radhe what’s his family’s problem. She tells him that Bua left already, if she is living at Saajan’s house, what was the need for Shukla to throw food at his wife. He doesn’t know what to say. He steals food and gets for her. She asks him about his strange family. He tells her that he has got pickles for her.

Krishna eats the food and thanks him. On the other hand, Bela forces her husband to take Shukla’s permission for them to participate in the couple competition. Matuk tells them that he is hosting the event. Matuk gets upset with Shukla. He asks him to let any one couple participate from the family.

Shukla lets Bela and Triloki to participate. Bela gets happy that her wish got fulfilled. She acts as if she is obeying the elders and agreeing to participate. Matuk meets all the couples and gets them registered for the competition. Radhe’s mum makes Krishna busy in kitchen work. Radhe asks Krishna to get ready fast so that they can reach the venue. Krishna sends him to Saajan’s house so that he can get a disguised look by Bua’s help. Radhe gets ready and waits for Krishna. Krishna finishes the work soon and tries to leave. Radhe tells Bua that he can’t go for registration alone, he needs Krishna with him. Radhe’s mum gets into an argument with Krishna. She asks Krishna to clean the storeroom. Krishna gets stuck in work. She informs Bua that she can’t reach there. She falls dizzy after working hard. Radhe’s mum lets Krishna rest. Krishna succeeds to fool them and goes for the competition registration. The family learns that Krishna isn’t at home.


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