Udaan: Colonel to learn about Suraj-Naina’s love


Chakor asks Suraj to confess love to Naina. Suraj doesn’t agree to her. She then explains him that its really important for their mission to fool Naina. Suraj feels bad to play with Naina’s emotions. He really gets concerned for Naina, as she is a nice person, unlike her dad. Suraj prepares to confess love to Naina. Chakor gets heartbroken, but encourages him to go away, just for the sake of country. Suraj takes Naina to Lucknow for her friend’s birthday party. Their secret trip gets known to Colonel. Deva informs Colonel that someone accompanied Naina to Lucknow.

He tells that he may go and get Naina back home. Colonel wishes to go to Lucknow himself and get Naina back, as he aims to meet the guy chosen by Naina. He wants to see if the guy is trustworthy.

Colonel leaves for Lucknow at night. Abhay informs Chakor about Colonel going to meet Suraj. Chakor fears for Suraj’s life. She takes help from Vivaan in order to save Suraj. Suraj and Naina attend the birthday party and have some good moments. Suraj dances with Naina and confesses love to her, which shocks her. Colonel gets close to spot Suraj. He learns about Suraj and Naina’s love and permits them for marriage. Suraj has no plans to marry Naina. He gets a huge shock. Will Chakor be able to save Suraj? Keep reading.


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