Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to reconcile with Iyer family


Raman lies to Ishita that he has applied the balm already, he is fine and doesn’t need any massage. She tells him that she knows everything, he is bearing the pain for no reason. She scolds him like a kid and makes him get a pain relief. She massages his back and relieves his pain. Raman falls asleep. She happens to get her phone and thinks if it has the same screensaver still. She doesn’t find her picture. She misses their old moments. She wants Raman and her relation to get fine. She recollects a past moment and tries to put the same unlock code to check his phone. Raman wakes up and finds her spying in his phone. He asks her to stop her doubtful mind and just mind her own business. She gets sad that Raman has changed everything in his life. They have an argument.

She asks him to thank her for relieving his pain. Raman really feels cured of his pain. Raman gets surprised seeing Simmi’s odd behavior. Simmi wears warm clothes in such a weather. Mrs. Iyer wishes to meet Ishita, as she has done everything for her. She gets emotional on seeing Ishita. She meets Mrs. Bhalla by an excuse and spies on Simmi. Ishita gets puzzled when she sees Simmi. She understands that her mom wants to talk to her and doesn’t want to say. Simmi stays away from Ishita on her own.

Raman questions her about her madness. Simmi tells him that she is just being safe from negative energies. She wishes everything gets back in her control. She blindly believes the astrologer. She wants to see if Raman and Ishita win over her. Mrs. Iyer gets a healthy dish for Roshni. She asks Raman to try the dish as well. Ishita wishes to break the ice and talk to her mom. She tastes the curry and really likes it. Mrs. Iyer gets happy and wanted Ishita to have it. She misses Ishita in her life.

Even Ishita misses her a lot. Bala finds them apart and wanting to end their differences. He tries to make them unite. He asks Mrs. Iyer to talk to Ishita and express herself. Raman and Ishita get into an argument over Roshni’s yoga classes. Simmi drives everyone crazy by her behavior. Raman doesn’t understand what’s her problem. Mrs. Iyer gets happy seeing Simmi and tells Ishita how she has fooled Simmi by taking help from her friend. Ishita laughs on her silly plans. She asks her to end the silence and forgive her. Mrs. Iyer apologizes to her as well. The mother-daughter duo sort their differences and unite. Simmi and Parmeet try to take advantage of Raman’s drinking addiction to defame him.

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