Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa take a extreme step to end it all


Suwarna gets heartbroken with Kartik’s move. She tells him that he would have not lied to his real mum, like he cheated her. She feels that he has proved that she isn’t his mum, so she didn’t bother to him, he didn’t feel the need to inform him about his relation with Naira. He sees her vulnerable state and gets worried. He asks her to calm down. Suwarna gets critical while talking to him. She asks him to stay with Naira and have a life as he wants. She asks Kartik to let her be alone. Kartik tells Suwarna that there is nothing between Naira and him. He asks her to trust him, he isn’t with Naira, they can never be any future for them. He apologizes and consoles her to get her back to normal state. Naira overhears Kartik deciding for their lives again. She gets too upset and rushes out.

She feels bad that she is the one who shattered the Goenka family. She fails to talk to Kartik. She tells Naitik that she has done wrong to come back to talk to Kartik. Kartik wishes Suwarna forgets the grudge and forgives him. He prays for Suwarna’s recovery. He feels guilty of hurting her.

Manish doesn’t want Suwarna to punish Kartik this way, as Kartik is totally innocent. He feels bad that he isn’t able to give happiness to his son. He didn’t expect Suwarna to reach this way. Singhanias fear that Naira’s life will be affected once again. Kartik looks for Naira, and finds her gone. Manish tells him that Naira went home with Naitik. Naira gets heartbroken. She imagines Kartik with her. They both realize how their relation will hurt Suwarna. They don’t want Suwarna to lose out.

Naira doesn’t want to hurt Suwarna’s emotions. Kartik feels sorry to hurt Naira. She knows that she is the reason for Suwarna’s sorrow and pain. She feels guilty that Suwarna has seen them together and met with an accident. She apologizes to him and decides to accept the reality, as they both are helpless. She decides to divorce Kartik for the betterment of his family.

Kartik too imagines Naira with him as his sole support. He apologizes to her for his words which she spoke to Suwarna. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her, but its tough to get back together. He doesn’t want their separation. He gets confused by his inner conflict.

Naira gains courage from Akshara and tells Naksh about her decision. She tells Naksh that she doesn’t know to tell anyone else, but she is sure that Naksh will surely understand her stand. Naksh promises to support her. Naksh calls Devyaani and asks her for the divorce papers which were made two years ago. Devyaani shatters hearing about Naira’s divorce decision. Naksh tells her that they have to support Naira. Naitik doesn’t want to spoil his terms with Goenkas because of one relation. Kirti wishes Suwarna could understand this. Naira and Naksh plan their visit to the hospital to give the food and meet Kartik for taking his signs on the documents. Kirti suspects that Naksh is hiding something from her. Naira meets Suwarna and cries out her pain of losing her second mum, after losing Akshara. She tells her that she will always love and respect her. She doesn’t want to blame Kartik or Suwarna for her bad fate. She tells Suwarna that she has decided to change their lives. She breaks her divorce decision to Kartik.

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