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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal gets attracted towards Nandini seeing her dancing in rain. Mouli is happy to see Nandini dancing and doesn’t realize her husband getting closer to Nandini. She thinks Nandini is shedding her fears and doing what she likes. Kunal’s hand gets burnt. Nandini keeps his hand in the water pot and shows concern for him. Kunal gets touched. He fights with his emotions and thinks why is he getting attracted to Nandini. He tells himself that Nandini is their friend and he shall hide his feelings. He couldn’t take off Nandini from his mind.

Roop and his sisters dislike the guy who came to see Himani for marriage. The guy scolds Himani for dropping the tea cup. Shamsher approves the guy and thinks he has ruling manly qualities. Even the guy’s parents like Himani and fix the alliance. Himani dislikes the guy and tells Kamla that she doesn’t want to marry such a man who doesn’t respect her. Kamla asks her to understand and tells that Shamsher will never think bad about her. Roop decides to take a stand for Himani’s happiness and do something to stop the marriage. He shares his plan with Palak. He tells her that Shamsher will not listen to him, but guy’s parents will listen and break the alliance.

Savitri Devi:
Veer gets hurt seeing Sanchi and Dr. Kabir getting intimate. He misunderstands Sanchi and thinks she has started her married life with Dr. Kabir. He gets much drunk and couldn’t bear the feeling of betrayal. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi are faking their intimacy to make Veer belief that their relation is truthful. Sanchi is still acting puppet in Dr. Kabir’s hands and acts just as he says. Meanwhile, Veer throws the vase in anger and finds Sunny’s letter. He opens the letter to read while he is much drunk. Veer gets close to learn the truth.

Ranbir and Kritika reach court. He wants to prove in court that he is innocent and get her trust back. Kritika thinks it is a big day for as her first case is against the person who regards her as his friend. Court case begins, Vikas tells Judge that Ranbir held Malishka’s hand and forced her, when she refused and tried to stop him, Ranbir slapped her. He tells that Malishka somehow managed to escape from that hotel room. He says famous football player, Casanova has molested his client Malishka. Ranbir is upset and tells that it is all lie.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika performs the tough rituals of Savitri puja to get Sahil back to life. She regrets for her mistake to put Sahil in danger. She wants Sahil to come out of his coma and also regain his memory. Vedika gets fainting after completing the rituals. She seeks help from a saint, who guides her through the rituals. She visualizes Sahil and gets encouraged. Vedika regards herself guilty for Sahil’s condition. She realizes Sahil’s true love.


The show has taken a short leap. Zoya gets an award for the young achiever award for successfully reviving Zosh event management company. She gives her success credit to her family and Aditya. Aditya sees her live interview on his laptop and gets touched when gives him credit for making him courageous and bold. Zoya is hopeful to meet Aditya and thinks he will return back. She feels Aditya is always with her, even though he is away. She wishes to tell him how much he matters to her. She tells that she is sure that Aditya will return as her friendship will bring him back.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naitik gets upset with Naira and asks her about the legal papers. He scolds her for deciding the divorce. He tries to burn the papers. Naira stops him. He asks her why did she wait for two years if she had to divorce Kartik. He scolds her for not consulting him and breaking her marriage. He tells her that he will not let the divorce happen. He says you can’t do what you want all the time, we all have hopes, we have seen Kartik and you together on the anniversary day, why didn’t you leave the college and building if Kartik doesn’t matter to you, you didn’t grow up so much that you do such mistakes. He says everything won’t happen like Kartik and his family wish, you can’t teach me.

Krishna Chali London:

The family has tension regarding Gajanan. Radhe and Krishna have a moment. They both start knowing each other well. Radhe has much feelings for Krishna. Even Krishna starts liking him. The family is against Krishna. Radhe holds stumbling Krishna. He sweetly scolds her and asks her to take care of herself, as he can’t bear her getting hurt. He stays annoyed that she called the police home and got Gajanan arrested. Krishna wishes Radhe understands her. Krishna faces the family’s hatred.

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