Ishq Subhanallah: Kabeer’s sweet behavior to surprise Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Kabir tries to take permission from his father so that he can go. His father asks him not to go out. Kabir goes to meet Zara’s father ignoring his father’s words. He apologizes to Qazi Saheb as he wants to make the remaining days of divorce special. Zara also puts in her efforts to make the remaining days peaceful. Kabir’s father gets upset with him and asks why did you go when you are unwell. He asks if Qazi Saheb is more important than him. Kabir says it is not like that, I know you are my father, but now I don’t need anyone support, not even you. The track is focused on strong social message if a woman’s approval needed for marriage, then why the woman’s decision doesn’t matter in case of Talaq. Zeenat asks her husband to make her wear anklet and hugs him. Zara gets tensed seeing money with Kabir and doesn’t know where he got it. She shares her concern with Kabir’s mum.

Kabeer and Zara get closer. They fear of their separation and live the most by siding all their annoyances and complains. They have a sweet moment. Zara discusses about the Shariah board while Kabeer words out. Zara gets emotionally happy when Kabeer gives her a rose. She asks him to promise, that he will take care of himself even after she leaves from his life. He tells her that he will try not to let her go. Zara gets surprised by his gestures. She feels happy seeing his good behavior. He puts efforts to make their remaining days special by keeping her happy. He realizes his mistakes and tries to change her perception towards Zara. He tells Zara that he will take her advice in Shariah board decisions.

Zara makes a new plan to trap Nilofer. She realizes Nilofer’s evil intentions. She sees Nilofer and Miraj together. She tries to tell Kabeer about them. She wants to know what’s Nilofer planning. She attempts to know Nilofer’s truth. Everyone dines together. Miraj gets into a discussion with Kabeer and his dad. Kabeer doesn’t want to break his promise and supports her. He doesn’t want to upset Zara like before.


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