Ishqbaaz: Rudra’s fruit punch to bring Shivika closer

Ishqbaaz fruit punch

Shivay and Anika consume the intoxicating fruit punch prepared by Rudra. Shivay and Anika have a heart to heart emotional talk. They sing and dance together. Shivay who doesn’t like to hug, expresses his wish to hug Anika. They have a beautiful moment. They get drunk. They fall asleep in the room. When they wake up, they get a huge shock on seeing each other. They get into an argument. Shivay tells her that he has no idea about her presence.

Anika gets a hangover. She asks Shivay what is she doing here. Shivay asks her to leave fast. She tells him that she is feeling dizzy, she can’t go. He says if Omkara and Rudra come here, it will be a big mess. She says I don’t remember how I came here. He says even I don’t remember. Omkara and Rudra try to know Shivay’s feelings for Anika. Shivay avoids them and hides Anika in the cupboard. Shivay and Anika get bonding. They will be soon realizing love. Gauri collides with Anika, when the latter leaves from Shivay’s room. Anika asks Gauri what was she doing in Omkara’s room. Gauri hides the matter, that she had a moment with Omkara and got to know him better. Gauri falls for Omkara. Gauri and Omkara’s love story will be beginning next.


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