Ishqbaaz’s Replay (PicFiction): Shivay and Anika to share a good time

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika's stern clash

Rudra makes his famous fruit punch and spikes it to make Shivay admit his feelings for Anika. Rudra finds this the only way to know what’s inside Shivay’s mind. Anika gets busy with the arrangements. She gets a clue against Daksh, when she gets Daksh’s jacket. She thinks to talk to Shivay and inform him about Daksh’s real arrival date, which can prove Daksh’s fault to him. She calls the airline office to retrieve more information. She hopes to find the proof against Daksh and stop the marriage. Daksh overhears her planning and gets troubled by her. He feels he really did a mistake to take her easy. He plans to throw her out of the house. Rudra shares his plan with Omkara. He tells Omkara that Shivay will melt down after having the punch and speak up his emotions.

He waits for Shivay’s feelings to surface. Before he could make Shivay drink the punch, Daksh interrupts them and consumes the punch. Shivay asks everyone to share the punch. Rudra doesn’t want anyone else to have it. Daksh get insisting and finishes the punch, which makes Rudra and Omkara worried. Daksh realizes that Rudra has spiked the drinks. He thinks to take advantage of this punch and bring Anika close to Shivay so that he can defame her. He asks them to offer the punch to Anika. He sends Rudra and Omkara away, so that they don’t stop Anika from having it. He makes an apology to Anika and insists her to have the punch. Priyanka makes Anika drink it. Daksh then spikes the drink for Shivay to put him in a bad state. Shivay and Anika get drunk and start acting silly.

Shivay and Anika’s cute moments are seen after a long time. They replay their old cute instances. Anika and Shivay get intoxicated. Anika speaks out her feelings for Shivay. She finds him sweet and caring. He tells her that she is strong and sensitive. He compliments her for being independent. Shivay apologizes to her for being rude to her and hurting her at the hospital. He feels he has done wrong with her. She also shares her secrets with him. She tells him that she is also short-tempered like him, but she never shows her anger to anyone, since she doesn’t want to lose her job. She shares her silly secrets with him. He tells her that he loves her style, he is bowled over by her persona.

She teaches him a new style of venting out anger. He tells her about his parents, whom he lost. He cries out his pain and complaints with his parents. He vents out his pain. Anika and Shivay cry together and understand their pain. Shivay tells her that he lost faith in marriage, because of his parents’ failed marriage. They encourage each other and wipe each other’s tears to console. Shivay feels he needs someone like Anika in his life.


  1. finally khidki todh anika and sso is back with their cute moments love shivika ??? and the most imp pinky promise


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