Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal decides to oust Nandini from his life

Silsila MAJOR TWIST: Time for Kunal to face rejection

Nandini takes a decision and tells Mauli that she will shift to a rented house. She feels she has become a burden for Mauli and Kunal. She tells Mauli that she will sell her jewelry and get a new home. She hides the fact that Kunal asked her to move out. Mauli asks Nandini to state the right reason. Mauli asks Nandini not to misunderstand Kunal’s words, as he really cares for her. She doesn’t let Nandini leave her house. She asks Kunal to stop Nandini. Kunal doesn’t say anything. Kunal is afraid that Nandini is entering his heart. He wants Nandini to leave from the house. Nandini hears Kunal and Mauli’s conversation. She feels she has become a unwanted person in their lives. Mauli tries to stop Nandini back with them. Mauli feels guilty that she left Nandini years before, which led to Nandini’s bad phase.

Mauli asks Kunal why is he being insensitive and asking Nandini to look for a new house. She doesn’t understand that Kunal wants to maintain distance from Nandini. Mauli asks Kunal to tell her what’s bothering him. He hides the matter from Mauli. He allows Mauli to do her wishful. He thinks to control his mixed feelings. He wants his personal space and time with Mauli.

Kunal realizes his changing feelings. He is scared that his eyes may speak the truth to Mauli. He starts avoiding the friendship moments with Mauli and Nandini. Nandini makes tea for Kunal and Mauli to thank them for their wonderful support. Nandini stays happy with them. She makes the diet plan for Kunal. The trio attend a concert. Nandini and Kunal get stuck in the lift. Nandini gets afraid and starts crying. Kunal holds her hands and assures that he is with her. He calms her fears. He gets into a moment with Nandini. He gets protective about her. The people think they are a couple and compliment them seeing Kunal’s care for Nandini. Kunal gets upset and rushes to Mauli.


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