Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s united family dream to shatter

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita for misunderstanding her always. She gets happy when Ishita stands by Raman and proves his innocence in Tania’s MMS case. Roshni feels she has fulfilled her dream of uniting Ishita with Bhallas. Ishita enters Bhalla family’s heart once again. Ishita joins back Iyer and Bhalla families. Roshni also gets pampered by Bhallas. Everyone apologizes to Raman for not believing him. Raman falls sick when someone spikes his drink. Ishita takes care of Raman. She thinks Raman had fainted because of the tension. She doesn’t know that someone has drugged him. Ishita feels everything will get fine with time.

Meanwhile, Romi decides to leave the house. Raman asks the family to let Romi leave, since Romi won’t listen to them any how. Everyone sheds tears that Romi is parting ways. They didn’t imagine this day. Ishita asks everyone to let Romi go and fulfill his wish. Raman asks Ishita why is she supporting Romi. She hides that she is trying out the reverse psychology to make Romi change his mind on his own. When Romi doesn’t deter, Raman starts worrying.

Ishita says Raman has sat all night and helped Romi in his first presentation, Raman taught him everything, each and every line, while Romi made the sugary tea for Raman to thank him, won’t he leave the sweetness back and move on, it will be tough to make a new start all alone, away from the family. She asks Romi to rethink about his decision. Raman says if Romi understood the value of relations, he would have not decided to leave us, I did a mistake to beat Romi and scold him to rectify his behavior, he should have told me if he didn’t wish to tolerate elder brother’s scolding, which was actually for his good. Raman and Ishita’s love fails to connect to Romi’s heart.

Ishita asks Romi to leave if he wants. She then reminds their relations bonded with love. She tries to make Romi recollect the family moments which brought immense happiness in their lives before. She asks Romi if he forgot all their emotions. She reminds him if he has packed his lovely memories, he can leave the family, but not their memories. Raman reminds Romi about their past instances. He gets crying that his brother is leaving. Romi doesn’t change his decision. He gets adamant and moves out of the house. Raman is sure that he will beat up Romi and get him back home.



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