Krishna Chali London: Krishna to become Radhe’s savior

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Radhe shouts when doctor treats his leg injury. Shukla and his wife worry for Radhe. Radhe screams in pain. His mum asks why did he jump from the terrace. Radhe asks them to pity him and not scold him. Shukla asks Radhe to get fine soon, be strong and hopeful. Everyone thinks Radhe fell down accidentally and pity him. They don’t know that Radhe fell down for Krishna’s sake. Krishna feels bad for Radhe. She assists the doctor and learns the treatment for Radhe. Another dream of Radhe gets fulfilled when Krishna cares for him. Krishna starts believing in Radhe after his innocent doings. Radhe doesn’t realize the pain of his broken leg, since he is smitten by Krishna.

Shukla family gets a tantric baba to cure Radhe Krishna finds them much superstitious. Radhe gets troubled by the baba. He ends up getting more hurt. He screams a lot. His mum doesn’t stop the baba as she wants her son to get treated.

Krishna pulls the baba back and starts him with a bat. She makes the baba run away from the house. She can’t see anyone hurting Radhe. She asks Radhe’s family not to believe any tantric, Radhe isn’t captured by any spirit. She fails Bela’s plan and proves that she is Radhe’s shield. Krishna tells them that Radhe will get fine with medicines, not by any baba’s rituals. Radhe fears that when he gets fine, Krishna will go. He gets recovering and does the drama of being unwell, so that Krishna cares for him. He is ready to stay sick as long as Krishna stays with him.


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