Piyaa Albela: Pooja to make a shocking request to Angraj

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Angraj plans to get intimate with Pooja in Naren’s avatar. Pooja gets doubtful on him and ruins his plan to send everyone to London. She calls her guards and gets everyone’s passports. Angraj panics and emotionally blackmails her to give his family passports. Pooja thinks why is he ignoring her touch and pretends to fall. Angraj holds her from falling down. Pooja senses his different touch and pushes him. She asks who is he? Angraj laughs. Pooja realizes that he is Angraj in Naren’s face. Angraj tells her that she can’t expose him and will never get any proofs against him. Pooja gets tensed and worries about Naren.

Meanwhile, Naren is tortured and beaten up badly by the tribals. He asks on whose orders they have kept him captive. Tribal head and Dr. Kiran’s father tells that Pooja Devi gave us money to hurt you. Naren gets shocked and couldn’t believe what he heard. Tribals take his fingerprints impression so that Dr. Kiran implants his impression to Angraj.

Pooja thinks how to save Naren from Angraj and tells him that she knows that Naren is in his captivity and one day he will kill him. She requests him that she will kill Naren. Angraj is shocked. Pooja tells him that she wants to punish Naren for Anuj’s death. Angraj believes in Pooja although he has some doubt on her. Pooja tries to win Angraj’s trust and get to the place where Angraj has kept Naren captive. All the family members hate Pooja for canceling their foreign trip.



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