Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PicFiction): Sweet unions and surprises for Kartik and Naira

YRKKH Twist Kartik undergoes distressed dilemma

Kartik and Suwarna get back to Udaipur. Kartik and Naira miss each other a lot. Manish gets angry on Suwarna. Kartik asks him not to blame Suwarna, as divorce decision was taken by Naira and him mutually. He wishes Manish and others not to hold anyone responsible for the divorce. Naksh tells Kirti that Naira has decided for her life and they all should support her, instead of stating her decision wrong and bothering her more. The family feels that Naira will break down after ending her relation with Kartik. Naksh tells them that they will fill in Naira’s life and make her happy. Kirti tells them that divorce is a painful process, and Naira may not be able to come out of this pain easily.

Naira finds her family crying. She thanks them for always supporting her. She asks them to support her once again by believing her decision. She asks them not to ask her to change the decision, the relation has died as there is no hope left from both the sides, there is no hope and no love between Kartik and her. She clears out that Kartik also knows that there can’t be anything between them now, there is no point in keeping their relation. She asks them to help her move on.

Goenkas get surprised when Kartik behaves normal and indulges himself in work. He apologizes to everyone for running away from responsibilities because of one relation. He wants to rectify his mistake and do work well. Naira too tries to keep herself busy. Kartik makes a schedule to keep himself engaged all through the day. Manish understands his hidden sorrow, while Suwarna gets happy that Kartik isn’t affected by the divorce. Kartik and Naira don’t wish their families to lose happiness because of them. Kartik and Naira try to be strong. They miss each other even more.

Suwarna tells Manish that Kartik is relaxed and peaceful now, as the relation got concluded. Manish wishes her misunderstanding gets sorted. Kartik learns about Manish funding Naksh’s project. Naitik also learns the same and asks Naksh about it. Naksh tells Naitik that he was much lonely and had to tolerate all the things alone. Kartik calls up Naksh to increase the funding amount. Naksh doesn’t like taking helping from Kartik. Naitik thinks if Kartik and Naira’s relation has some hope.

Naksh tells him that everything isn’t about Naira, Kartik has called regarding the funding. He feels he has missed Naitik in his life whenever he needed him. He asks Naitik why didn’t he get involve in his matters. Naitik feels sorry to neglect Naksh and his problems. Naksh complaints about his insecurities. Naira learns this and decides to leave for Udaipur, along with Naitik, so that Naksh gets happy. She tells Naitik that they will relocate to Udaipur. Mansi comes back home. Kartik tells her that Naira and he are taking divorce. Mansi doesn’t understand the sudden decision.

Naksh gets happy with Naira’s decision to accompany him to home. She apologizes to him for understanding his needs and problems. She asks him not to stay upset with Naitik, who also longed for him. She tells him that she couldn’t stay happy even away from family, she did a mistake to think so, now she will be going home with them to find her real happiness. Naitik gets happy to unite with his children. He is sure to solve all problems together. Kartik and Naira have a talk regarding the divorce process. It gets painful for them to end their relation.


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