Ishqbaaz: Daksh plots to break-up Shivay and Anika

Shivika to expose Daksh

Shivay tells Anika about his frustration over his parents, who cheated and killed themselves without thinking for their children. Anika understands his pain. She tells him that his mum cheated her dad and left him for money, she moved on to another man and lost all the respect. She tells him that she is hiding this truth from Gauri so that her mum holds a good image. She tells him how hard it is for her to lie to Gauri about her mum’s accident and do Shraddh puja every year just to pretend. He tells her that he can’t see her crying. He feels like hugging and consoling her. Anika tells him that she is fine as she has been dealing with her sorrows all alone. Shivay tells her that even strong people need someone to hug and cry. Shivay hugs Anika and consoles her.

He finds her a really nice person. She gets grateful to him for complimenting her and listening to her sad story. He tells her that he didn’t wish her to get engaged to Nikhil, so that’s why he made her wear his ring, without knowing the reason. He tells her that he has no idea about his feelings. She asks him the reason for doing so. He tells her that he just felt like making her wear his name ring since his heart wanted this to happen. He has no answer for his feelings. Anika tells Shivay that they don’t know each other well. Shivay tells her that they have some strange connection between them. She also believes so. He tells her that they may get married, as their wedding rituals have already happened. Shivay throws a glass of water at her and feels the familiarity.

Anika throws a glass of water at him too. She also feels having done this before. They sing out and dance like crazy lovers. After their long conversation, singing and dancing, they fall asleep. Gauri calls up Anika to know about her. Shivay wakes up and gets moved on finding Anika with him. He asks Anika to wake up. Anika hugs him tight and doesn’t let him go.

Shivay hears his brothers coming and wakes up Anika, asking her to hurry and leave. Anika asks him about their togetherness. Shivay hides her before Omkara and Rudra walk inside. Anika adjusts herself in the cupboard. Shivay lies to his brothers that he was busy in work and couldn’t come for dinner. He covers up when Anika coughs. He tells them that he isn’t feeling well, he may get a heart attack too. He asks them to just go and not question him. He manages to send them away. He asks Anika to quickly leave before anyone else coming. Anika gets dizzy. She tells him that she can’t go right now.

He encourages her to be strong and make a leave. She asks him what happened between them. He tells her that they shouldn’t try to recall now and save themselves first. Gauri gets mistaken and enters Omkara’s room to find Anika. She helps Omkara by handing him the bath towel. Gauri and Omkara have a moment. He asks her how did she come to his room. She tells him that she came to find her sister Anika. Omkara then finds Rudra coming and hides Gauri from Rudra. Rudra finds his brothers behaving weird. Omkara fools Rudra by praising him a lot. Omkara asks Gauri about her identity. She tells him that she lives with Anika in the outhouse. Omkara apologizes to her. Omkara impresses her. Gauri too leaves an impression on Omkara. Gauri makes a quick leave. Daksh plots against Anika to make her fall in Shivay’s eyes.

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