Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer’s future plans to anger Miraj

Ishq SubhanAllah

Zara makes a hearty apology to Kabeer. She makes cute gestures and holds Kabeer’s ears instead hers to apologize. Kabeer smiles and forgives her. She tells him that she is also hurt as her words have hurt his heart. He tells her that everything is fine for him. Zara gets breakfast for him. She assists him in help. She doesn’t want misunderstandings to grow between them. Miraj interrupts them. He gets flirting with Zara. Miraj engages Kabeer in work. He tells Kabeer that he has a right to question him, since he gave him place in the house and life. Kabeer asks him to ask whatever he wants.

Miraj asks will you remarry after divorcing Zara. Kabeer tells him that if he divorces Zara, he won’t be able to make a relation with anyone for a long time. He tells Miraj that he loves Zara a lot and is working on their relation.

Miraj gets angry with his answer. He thinks Kabeer doesn’t know my intentions and can easily be defeated. Kabeer worries for Zara’s future more. He doesn’t want to divorce Zara. Zeenat scolds Zara and calls her a big problem. She tells Zara that Amaan is in trouble. Zara asks him what happened to Amaan. Zeenat blasts her anger on Zara. Zara wonders why is Zeenat not expressing hatred. Zeenat feels Zara is responsible for Ruksar’s madness and Miraj’s coming. Zara wants to help Zeenat. Zeenat is worried as Miraj threatened her about Amaan. Zeenat doesn’t want Miraj to harm Amaan.


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