Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely and Tevar’s past to surface

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Sikandar sings the special surprise for Lovely. He makes the party rocking with his performance. Tevar dances with Sikandar and tries to get between him and Lovely. Lovely likes the beautiful surprise by Sikandar and sings along with him. Kulfi tells Amyra that she will sing along Sikandar and give the surprise to Lovely. Amyra doesn’t let Kulfi sing. She reminds that Tevar is also around, and she can’t make any mistake today. The family enjoys a musical time. Kulfi sings with them. Tevar too joins and tries to impress Lovely. He confesses love for Lovely by his song, while Lovely expresses her feelings for Sikandar by singing a romantic song. The musical jam goes on. Sikandar enjoys Tevar’s company, while Lovely worries that her past truth can be known to Sikandar.

Minty interrupts the party and scolds Tevar for not accompanying her in the party. Tevar tells Minty that he has come before her to give her a surprise. He succeeds in fooling Minty.

Lovely knows Tevar’s intentions and feels bad for Minty’s hopes. Sikandar congratulates Tevar and Minty for having their new house Tevar wishes Lovely before leaving. Lovely gets stressed. Kulfi surprises Lovely by gifting her a very special thing. She decides to call Lovely as Maa. Lovely gets emotional and reciprocates Kulfi’s love. Kulfi likes Sikandar’s help, as he taught her to write the word mother. Kulfi gives Nimrat’s place to Lovely. Amyra gets jealous that Kulfi is impressing Lovely as well. Kulfi gives her best wishes to Lovely and melts her heart. Lovely hugs Kulfi, which brings new hopes. Amyra thinks to find Kulfi’s dad and send her away, so that Kulfi doesn’t snatch her parents.


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