Ishqbaaz: Anika makes attempts to alert the Oberois

Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika's greed Ishqbaaz

After Daksh uses a media reporter against Anika, he makes Shivay believe that Anika is just after his money. He tarnishes Anika’s good image in Shivay’s eyes to teach her a lesson. Shivay learns that Anika has passed the video to the reporter to ease out money from Oberois by putting their pride at stake. Shivay can’t believe it at first, but when Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika’s greed to him, he gets convinced that Anika is wrong. Daksh carefully observes Anika and tells Shivay everything that Anika has told him already. He tells Shivay that Anika tries the same things with every guy to gain sympathy. Shivay angrily fires Anika from work. He assures Priyanka that he will manage everything so that the wedding takes place smoothly.

Priyanka faces another trouble. She tries to convince the mehendi artist. She worries that the Mehendi artist didn’t turn up. She shares her problems with her brothers. Omkara pacifies Priyanka. Priyanka makes last-minute arrangements. She fails to manage everything without Anika. Shivay pacifies Priyanka. He tells her that all her pre-wedding functions will go as planned. He doesn’t want Priyanka to take any tension.

Shivay solves the problem and gets a mehendi artist for completing the mehendi ritual. Tia helps Shivay in arranging the mehendi artist. Priyanka thanks Shivay and hugs him. Anika writes a letter to Priyanka to tell her about Daksh’s truth. Priyanka and Obros fail to read the letter and joke around over it. Tia gets the letter and learns Daksh’s secret. Nikhil barges inside Oberoi house and asks Shivay about Anika. He asks Shivay where did he hide Anika. He tells Shivay that Anika left from the shagun ceremony just for him. Shivay has no idea about Anika. He doesn’t like Nikhil’s misbehavior and reprimands him. Anika attempts to expose Daksh’s truth. Shivay feels Anika is wrong, after Daksh’s plotting to divide and rule. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to get inside his house and spoil Priyanka’s happiness. He keeps Anika away from the wedding arrangements.

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