Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to define ‘the bold and sensible woman of today’

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Shweta and entire staff try to help Raman. Raman tries to explain the clients that he didn’t commit anything wrong, its just false allegations posed on him. The clients doesn’t get convinced. Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest and leave. Ishita goes to solve Raman’s problem. Elders get stressed for Roshni. They already face tensions because of Raman. They can’t believe that Raman has tarnished Tania’s respect. Raman asks the clients to wait for him for the meeting. The clients witness the drama. Raman gets more humiliated. Ishita comes to his rescue.

She tells the women that they can insult Raman only if he is at fault. Raman asks Ishita what is she saying. Ishita tells him that she is saying the truth to get justice. She then tricks the women by getting the NGO chief’s husband. She complaints against the man and accuses him for making her MMS. The lady gets a huge shock on seeing her husband and refuses to blacken his face. She tells Ishita that her husband can’t do wrong with anyone, as she believes him. Ishita then proves the point that Raman is innocent.

Parmeet calls the media there to make Raman’s news public. He wants the breaking news to air on all the news channels and defame Raman. Simmi gets happy knowing Parmeet’s move and asks the family to see the news. She aims to break their hearts by showing Raman’s public humiliation. Bhallas and Iyers watch Ishita proving Raman’s innocence on the tv. Ishita takes a stand for Raman. She clears to the NGO women that Raman is a respectable businessman, who can never do wrong with any woman. She tells them that Tania might be wrong in the case and acting as victim. She tells them that she has much faith in her husband. The NGO chief apologizes to Ishita and leaves with her group.

They withdraw support to Tania. The family feels proud of Ishita, who has fought for Raman. Ishita wishes that Tania gets punished for trapping Raman and taking advantage of womanhood. Raman also gets happy with Ishita. Ishita teaches a lesson to the entire society. Ishita challenges Tania to do anything, but she won’t be able to harm Raman. Ishita becomes an ideal wife and bahu once again. Raman gets stressed and faints down, while Ishita and Tania have an argument. The family worries for his vulnerable state.


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