Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer’s thoughtful gift to please Zara

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Kabeer gives a special gift to Zara. Zara and Kabeer come close. He gifts her a key and tells her that its a key of her independence, she can move freely now and without anyone’s help. He shows her the brand new scooty and teaches her how to ride it. She gets much happy. He tells her that he would also like to accompany her on a ride. Zara gets happily surprised.

Zara likes the ride. She tells Kabeer that she really liked driving the scooty, all thanks to him. She hugs him and says I love you Kabeer. He tells her that he got this scooty to please her and do his duty. He asks her to be careful while driving and have all the safety measures. Zara asks him to have a helmet for his safety. She feels happiness from her heart after a long time. Miraj interrupts them and indirectly threatens Zara by telling about the accidents that happen when girls drive scooty on the roads. Kabeer asks Miraj why is he scaring Zara, instead saying positive things and encouraging her. He asks Zara not to think of Miraj’s negative talk and just focus on the road when she drives. He wants Zara to live free. Zara understands why Miraj is scaring her, by what motive. She fails to explain Miraj’s truth to Kabeer.


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