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Jiji Maa

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar and Kulfi tell Lovely about their surprise. They don’t let Lovely’s birthday end without their special song. Sikandar and Kulfi sing their hearts out for Lovely. Lovely recollects her love story with Tevar. She spoils the moment and tells Sikandar that she wants to listen to the song with a fresh mind. Sikandar tells her that he didn’t feel bad, she can go and rest. Kulfi gets upset that Lovely didn’t listen to their song. Sikandar explains Kulfi that Lovely needed rest and they can sing any other time. Sikandar and Kulfi sing for themselves. Lovely and Tevar think of each other and feel the pain of losing their love. Lovely sheds tears. Tevar misses her in his life. Kulfi feels affection for Sikandar and hugs him.


Priyanka asks Shivay about his move to badly treat Anika and throwing her out of the house. He reminds her what he means to her. He ends the discussion and asks Priyanka never to get Anika home. Omkara feels the reason is something big, else Shivay would have not reacted this way. They decide to find out the matter. Daksh thinks whatever he has done can’t change now, and Anika will never come back in their lives. He gets happy to win. Anika’s aunt gets angry on losing the shelter once again. She asks Anika what wrong did she do that Shivay has kicked her out. Anika hides the matter from the family and promises to manage the expenses. Gauri asks Anika about the problem. Anika doesn’t feel like answering Gauri. She hides her sorrow and tears. She doesn’t know why Shivay made her out.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman finds himself at home. Ishita tells him that he fainted by stress. She asks him to leave the meetings and take some rest. The family apologizes to Raman for doubting on him. Raman forgives everyone as they aren’t at fault. Pihu’s innocent talk brings a smile on everyone’s face. Ishita looks after Raman. Raman feels Ishita has suffered a lot because of him. He thinks how wrong he has done with Ishita and still she has been his strong support. Bhallas too make an apology to Ishita for misunderstanding her till now. They forgive Ishita for Adi’s death. Ishita tells them that they have to forget the past and move oṇ. They wish they get happiness home. Roshni tells Ishita about the child will unite the family.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira meet in the temple, while they prepare the families to meet. Kartik and Naira unknowingly do the aarti together. They don’t see each other. They come face to face when some people push Naira towards Kartik. She gets a good omen when his tilak gets on her hairline. Pandit compliments their pairing for being blessed by Lord. Naira doesn’t want to get new hopes and dreams. Kartik gets relieved that Naira has shifted back to the family. Mansi gets her family to meet Anmol’s family. Dadi doesn’t like to work out things in haste. Suwarna and Surekha have an argument. Nandini and Rukmani get accompanied by Singhanias to meet Mansi’s family. Both the families come face to face once again, and get a huge shock knowing Mansi and Anmol love each other. They don’t like to have the alliance forming.

Mayavi Maling:

Angad gets angry when Pranali and Shil Aditya rescue Haran from him. He vents out his anger. Madhumali stays calm and tells him that they have to break Pranali and Shil Aditya so that they can weaken them. Angad warns Madhumali against having any relation with Haran. She tells him that she won’t do anything behind his back. Shil Aditya saves Haran’s life and gets him treated by the Vaid. Madhumali tells Angad that he should make Pranali against her dad. Pranali meets Haran and tells him that she really loves Angad and was just into a dilemma when she had seek his help. Eshwarya visits the Kalkivan and meets Chegu. She tells him about her reply to her dad. She tells him that she will marry him, but she can’t leave Maling Rajya in trouble.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla humiliates Radhe a lot. He scolds Radhe for being a wife’s puppet and thinking of him dreams. He asks Radhe how dare he go against him and participate in the competition. He asks Radhe to decide if he wants the bike or his wife. He takes an angry step and pours kerosene on Radhe’s bike. Radhe cries for his shattering dreams.

Shukla’s deed shocks everyone. Shukla then pouts the kerosene on Krishna when she interrupts him to save the bike. Shukla loses his temper. He asks Krishna to remember his warning, he has already told her that he won’t spare her if she crosses limits. Radhe gets terribly scared of his anger. He begs Shukla to spare Krishna and his bike.

Shukla punishes them for going against him. Radhe chooses Krishna and burns his new bike, won in the competition. Krishna and Radhe cry and hate Shukla’s madness. Krishna feels Shukla has gone out of control this time. She doesn’t like to tolerate the violence. Radhe wipes her tears, and forgets his own sorrow for some time. Krishna and Radhe bond over their sorrow, while Shukla turns normal again. The family stays scared of his anger and stay numb in his presence. Radhe takes care of Krishna. She feels guilty for Radhe’s miserable life. Radhe understands her pain. Krishna tells Radhe that she is leaving Shukla house, as she doesn’t fit in between them. Radhe wishes Krishna to stay back with him.


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