Udaan: Chakor struggles to veil up Suraj’s identity


Colonel decides to get Suraj and Naina married. Suraj gets tensed knowing this. He decides to protect his family soon and make a leave from Aazaadunj before Colonel tracks him down. He realizes the game Colonel is playing to test him. Colonel wants to know if Suraj is serious about Naina. He keeps the marriage condition to test Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that they should leave from Aazaadgunj and get far from Colonel’s reach. Chakor doesn’t agree with him. She reminds Suraj their duty towards their nation. She fills patriotism in Suraj’s heart so that he changes his decision and proceeds in their task.

Chakor learns that Colonel is coming to meet Suraj’s family. Chakor takes a disguise to manage the situation, knowing Colonel reached Aazaadgunj to find Suraj’s house. Chakor and Vivaan get alert and try to make the villagers act unaware of Suraj. She doesn’t want Chagan and others tell Colonel that Suraj is the haveli owner. She wants Suraj to maintain his lie and keep Colonel’s trust. Chakor struggles a lot to accomplish this task. Chakor gets hurt while she runs through the rough and dirt route.

Colonel wants to meet Suraj’s family to talk about Naina and Suraj’s alliance. He asks Chagan about Suraj’s house. Chagan laughs knowing Colonel doesn’t know Suraj. The villagers praise Suraj a lot. Colonel gets impressed hearing good about Suraj. Vivaan tells Colonel that he will take him to Suraj.

Colonel says you don’t take me, any villager will take me there. Chagan says Suraj lives in a big haveli, everyone knows about him, that’s the only house worth seeing in our village. Chakor beats up Chagan and asks why are you misleading our guest. She beats all the men to silent them. Chagan asks what wrong did I say, why are you beating me. Chakor signs him to get silent, and tells him that she will reveal everything later. Chakor saves Suraj’s truth from getting revealed. Colonel then meets Tejaswini, and gets close to know Suraj’s identity.


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