Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to realize Ishita’s real worth; Shocking twists lined up

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman finds himself at home. Ishita tells him that he fainted by stress. She asks him to leave the meetings and take some rest. The family apologizes to Raman for doubting on him. Raman forgives everyone as they aren’t at fault. Pihu’s innocent talk brings a smile on everyone’s face. Ishita looks after Raman. Raman feels Ishita has suffered a lot because of him. He thinks how wrong he has done with Ishita and still she has been his strong support. Bhallas too make an apology to Ishita for misunderstanding her till now. They forgive Ishita for Adi’s death. Ishita tells them that they have to forget the past and move oṇ. They wish they get happiness home. Roshni tells Ishita about the child will unite the family.

Raman gets upset with Shagun for not believing him. Shagun apologizes to him. The family thinks someone has planted Tania to frame Raman. Raman tells Ishita that his complete memory for that day is wiped out. They think if anyone has stolen his phone and given it to Tania. They doubt on Simmi, but have no proof against her. Simmi gets angry on Ishita’s blames.

Parmeet tells her that they should do something than getting angry. They meet Tania to take their plan to their next plan. They don’t want Raman to get free so easily. Another shock comes for the family when Romi tells his decision of leaving the house. Ishita tells them that they can’t forcibly stop Romi, they should just think of Romi’s happiness, if he is finding more liberty by staying away, they should support him in his decision. She tries the reverse psychology hoping Romi will change his decision.

Romi and Mihika bid a farewell to the family. Raman tries his best to stop Romi. He reminds their strong bond. Ishita too questions him about getting his memories along before leaving. Raman and Ishita remind Romi their love and selfless support to him. They try to change Romi’s mind and define how relations make a home. Romi falls into a dilemma. Raman and Ishita get a shocking news about Tania’s suicide.



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