Ishqbaaz: Kidnapping, misconceptions, chases and more….

Shivika to expose Daksh

Shivay meets Anika’s aunt to know about Anika’s family and background. The lady boasts of her sacrifices and struggles in raising Anika and Gauri, who isn’t her own children. She speaks against Anika. Shivay gives her money. He asks her not to send Anika to his home ever. He gets angry with himself for doing such a mistake of not identifying Anika’s real intentions. He feels Anika has cheated him. He then spots Anika with Daksh. He misunderstands Anika once again. Anika informs Daksh about Payal’s pregnancy. She asks him to think about his coming child and rectify his mistakes. She requests him to accept Payal and his child, and tell the truth to Priyanka. Daksh tells her that he won’t do anything such. Anika tells him that she will expose his truth to Shivay and Priyanka.

Daksh denies to do his duty and laughs at her crazy expectations. Anika tells him that Shivay will not spare him, knowing his truth. Shivay doesn’t listen to their conversation. He decides of not leaving Anika if she does anything against Priyanka and Daksh. Priyanka gets Anika’s letter but misses to read it, being busy with the arrangements. She panics that she didn’t get any mehendi artist. Shivay and Tia manage everything and keep Priyanka’s smile intact. Shivay tells Priyanka that he is her wedding planner now, and he can work better than Anika for sure. Priyanka thanks him. Everyone misses to read the letter and get busy with work.

Shivay tells Daksh that he has seen Anika with him. Daksh lies to him that Anika wants to marry him, and is threatening him about ruining his relation with Priyanka. He tells Shivay how Anika is using Payal to break his marriage. Shivay believes him and tells him that he has ousted Anika when she tried to meet Priyanka. He promises to keep Anika away. Payal seeks Anika’s help and agrees to tell the truth to Priyanka. Anika tells her that Daksh will return to her when Priyanka throws out of her life. Payal asks Anika to pick her up from home and take her to Priyanka. Tia scolds Daksh knowing about his affair with Payal. She tells Daksh that they are bankrupt and need Oberois to back up their family. She doesn’t want Shivay and her marriage to break. Daksh apologizes to her.

She tells him that Anika can tell his truth to Priyanka. Daksh tells Tia that Shivay will not listen to Anika. She fears that Priyanka will believe Anika. She tells him that Anika has sent the letter for Priyanka. She stops Priyanka from reading the letter. She helps Daksh and saves his marriage from breaking. Tia asks Daksh to stop Anika and Payal from breaking their alliances. Daksh unknowingly drops the letter and rushes to meet Payal. Anika tells Gauri that she has important work and can’t stay back for her marriage functions. Gauri wonders where is Anika rushing. Anika goes to meet Payal. Daksh visits Payal with an aim to take revenge. He scolds her for helping Anika against him. Anika hears Payal is in danger and rushes to reach her home. Daksh kidnaps Payal. He finds Anika reaching and gets angered. Anika realizes she has lost Payal. She spots Daksh kidnapping Payal and follows him to know about Payal. Will Anika expose Daksh’s truth to the Oberois? Keep reading.

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