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Piyaa Albela:
Angraj sheds tears and tries to gain sympathy from everyone when Satish tells them about the attack on Danish. Angraj has attempted to kill Danish. Angraj acts as Naren and cries for Danish. He tries to know if Danish told anything about him before dying. Satish tells him that Danish didn’t say anything. Angraj killed Danish as the latter was trying to find real Naren and help Pooja. Angraj understands that Pooja is involved in this plan and is trying to find Naren, but she isn’t admitting it. She is faking love for Angraj to confuse him and reach Naren.

Roop works out early morning. Palak calls him urgently. Roop takes her for a drive. Shamsher gets angry on Roop, as Roop is opposing all his decisions. Shamsher doesn’t have food. He stays hungry. The family also leaves the food and bears hunger because of Shamsher. Roop tries to convince Shamsher and feed him food, so that everyone else can also break their fast. He asks Shamsher not to punish others by his adamancy. Shamsher doesn’t listen and goes away.

Harman and Soumya’s cute romance will be seen. Harman knows Soumya is troubled because of Nani. He finds her upset. He gets a gift for her. Soumya likes the saree. Harman makes Soumya glorify the saree by her beauty. They share a moment.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil acts mad and makes the family worry. Vedika calls her cousin, who is a doctor by profession. She wants Sahil to get treated and recover. Sahil gets drinking and turns into a lost lover. He falls ill. Vedika worries for him. Her sister Bhoomi saves Sahil from the goons. Bhoomi tells Vedika that she had eloped with her boyfriend to marry, but he cheated on her, so she has left him and came to meet Vedika at her in-laws’ house. Bhoomi is independent and bold. She will be treating Sahil psychologically. She will fall in love with Sahil.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Miraj conspires to kill Zara. Zara takes a stand for Kabeer. Zara overhears Miraj and Nilofer’s planning. She confronts the duo. Miraj points the gun at Zara and confesses that he will not spare Kabeer and her. Zara tells him that she will not let him succeed. Nilofer alerts Miraj against clever Zara.

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