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Piyaa Albela:
Pooja reaches the tribal people. She gets to meet Naren, whose face is completely covered. She still identifies him. The tribals ask Pooja to beat the culprit/Naren. Naren cries on seeing Pooja, but doesn’t utter a word. Pooja knows Angraj is staying as Naren. She falls in Angraj’s new trap. Angraj makes Pooja meet Naren deliberately. He tests her love and asks her to beat up Naren. Pooja finds it difficult to hurt her love. She has to make Angraj believe that she has forgotten Naren. She acts strong and controls her emotions. She shows that she doesn’t love Naren. She plans to expose Angraj and save Naren’s life. She was well aware of Angraj’s wicked planning. She feels helpless and regrets for hurting Naren. Naren realizes Angraj has taken his look and identity, and thinks Pooja is also supporting him.

Jiji Maa:
Rawat family goes on a picnic. Suyash and Falguni spend some good time after a long time. Vidhaan clicks their pictures. Suyash is happy to get his family back. Falguni gets a blood-stained shirt near their camp. She turns scared and rushes to tell Suyash. The villagers inform them about a tiger on loose. Rawats get scared for their lives. Suyash and Falguni meet a young girl, and try to find her parents.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
There will be big twists in Kanchan and Vishesh’s marriage. Kanchan and her family are really happy, while Vishesh’s relatives aren’t happy with the forming relations. Manika and Ananya find out Kanchan’s past. They learn the entire truth and try to stop the marriage by making the shocking revelation in front of everyone. Vishesh dances with Nandan happily. He awaits his bride Kanchan. Kanchan looks stunning in her bridal look. Vishesh and Kanchan exchange the garlands and proceed for the marriage rituals. Manika poses problems for them, and uses Ananya as the frontier.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Yash and Sahil bump into each other. Yash scolds Sahil. He tells Sahil that very soon Sahil’s drama will come to an end, since he will expose Sahil. Sahil acts childish. Yash asks Sahil to be a man and counter him if he can. Sahil gets troubling when Manjula teases him and calls him mad. Sahil calls her mad. Vedika gets food for him. Vedika asks Sahil to have food by his mum’s hand. Sahil and his mum have an emotional moment. Sahil is faking his illness. He wants to keep Vedika away from Yash. He claims his love is true and he will get Vedika. Yash looks for an important file. Vedika tells him that she has his medical history. She gives him the file. Yash has fallen in love with Vedika. He gets frustrated seeing her supporting Sahil. He turns negative and tortures Vedika.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kulfi imagines Sikandar as her dad and gets happy. Sikandar wants to tell her that she has got her dad. She gets mistaken and tells him that she has the same news to share, that she got her dad. She gets deceived by a man, who claims to be her dad. The man fake emotes and takes Kulfi with her. Kulfi goes missing. Sikandar and his entire family try to find Kulfi. Lovely too gets concerned for Kulfi. Sikandar will soon learn that Kulfi is his daughter.


Suraj and Naina are getting engaged. Suraj gets engaged with Chakor first. They romance and spend some cute moments. They exchange the rings. Chakor gets emotional with Suraj’s thoughtful move. He tells her that he remembers their relation very well and is just faking engagement with Naina to trap Colonel. He wants Chakor to remember this too, and not get any other thoughts in mind. Chakor supports him, since she wants to defeat Colonel in his dangerous plan and save the nation. Chakor reaches the party in disguise of a waitress. Chakor wants to stay close to Suraj.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

During the Teej rituals, Kunal and Mauli fulfill the rituals. Kunal fills sindoor in Mauli’s hairline. They do the puja together. He stays in the dilemma, as he has developed feelings for Nandini. He is much disturbed because of Nandini. He tries to just think of Mauli. He gets protective of Nandini. He turns angry when he learns that Nandini has returned to Rajdeep’s house. Mauli tells Kunal that she has explained Nandini a lot, but Nandini has taken her decision to keep her marriage. He gets irritated with the thought that Rajdeep will torture Nandini.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna packs her bags and gets determined to leave Shukla house. Krishna waits for the night to end, so that she can start the day at her dad’s house by leaving Shuklas early. Shukla’s wife catches Krishna leaving the house and stops her to hit her questions. Krishna boldly tells her decision of leaving the house. Shukla asks for many days is she doing. Krishna tells him that she is going forever. She shocks them with her decision to leave the house and their world. She wants to return to her dad’s house and her old world. Shukla’s wife asks her to take the bags and go to her room, but Krishna doesn’t listen to her. She gets adamant to leave, while Radhe takes the extreme step and jumps down the terrace to stop Krishna from leaving the house. Radhe gets severely injured. Krishna gets a big shock on seeing Radhe hurt and decides to stay back to look after him. Krishna believes in Radhe’s goodness and doesn’t want to hurt his heart.


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