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Jiji Maa

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla gets raging when Radhe asks him to apologize to Krishna. He outright refuses. He instigates Gajanan against his wife Lali, who supported Krishna and humiliated him in front of the family. Gajanan gets angry and beats up Lali, while their children cry seeing the violence. The entire family stays habitual to such things and stay normal about it. Krishna gets restless when she hears Lali’s screams and cry. She tells Radhe that she can’t sit inside the room and let Lali get beaten up, when Lali wasn’t at fault. She runs to save Lali from Gajanan’s tortures.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara makes Suyash regret for suspecting her. She tells him that she has put fake bullets in the gun, she can never think of killing him. She gets angry on Suyash and tells him that his love for his mum has ended. Suyash apologizes to her and tells her that he wanted to clear Niyati’s doubts, so he has asked about the incident. Uttara shows a big heart and forgives him. Falguni meets the rest of the family and gets glad to become normal again. She gets all the memories. She performs Aarti along with Niyati. She praises Niyati for getting courageous and surprising her. Uttara tells them that she has turned the game by fooling Suyash, they can’t harm her ever. Niyati threatens of bringing her truth out.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Goenkas get worried for Mansi after her elopement. They don’t want Mansi to fall in another trouble. Suwarna asks Surekha not to worry, as Kartik will definitely find Mansi. Kartik and Naira reach Anmol and Mansi, and realize the ongoing police raid in the cheap hotel. They ask Anmol and Mansi to hide before they get caught, as getting their names mentioned after such a raid will defame them. Singhanias also worry for Anmol and Mansi. Rukmani wishes that Anmol and Mansi get married, or a situation gets them closer. Kartik and Naira make a plan and get into a cute husband and wife argument. They try to fool the police. Inspector finds their fight genuine and asks them to leave as the hotel isn’t decent. Kartik and Naira save Anmol and Mansi, and inform the families. They confront Anmol and Mansi for checking in at an indecent hotel and inviting troubles.


Anika misses her Shagun ceremony to save Payal’s life. She doesn’t return home and rushes to save Payal after witnessing her kidnapping. Nikhil gets upset that Anika left the ceremony without informing him. Anika and Gauri’s aunt assumes that Anika is with Shivay. She asks Gauri and Nikhil to call up Shivay and ask about Anika. Nikhil feels angered. Gauri asks her aunt to stop staining Anika’s character by her cheap talks. Anika follows Daksh to know about Payal. She finds him reaching Oberoi mansion. She spies on him and learns that Payal is captive and locked up inside a cupboard. She thinks how will she enter the house and save Payal, when Shivay doesn’t want to see her. Shivay instructs Khanna to stop Anika from entering the house. He doesn’t want Anika to ruin Priyanka’s functions. Nikhil’s family makes a leave, getting angry on Anika. Nikhil goes to Oberoi mansion to get Anika back.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun informs Ishita that Raman couldn’t get bailed the same night. Ishita worries that Raman would be staying in the cell for a night. She rushes to meet him and inform him about the delayed bail. Simmi and Parmeet wonder how did Tania die, why did she commit suicide when their plan was working well. Simmi wanted Tania to fake a suicide attempt so that Raman gets blamed for it. Simmi recollects how she has compelled Tania to fake the suicide and win the game. Simmi regrets that Tania died. She felt the setup will not go wrong. Simmi didn’t wish Tania to really die. Tania was on anti-depressants and couldn’t survive the fake attempt.


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