Ishq Mein Marjawa: Thrill, drama and shocking revelations…

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep arrested for Aarohi's murder

Aarohi will learn a shocking truth about Deep, who is behind her plastic surgery. She gets raging knowing Deep has wiped off her identity. Deep reprimands the doctor for not sending Aarohi away from the city. Deep’s intentions aren’t known to Aarohi. She overhears his conversation with the doctor and realizes Deep is the one who has robbed off her real identity. She tries to analyze why would Deep do this, if he wanted to save her from Tara.

Aarohi is pregnant with Deep’s child. She spies on Deep and Tara. She learns that Deep is again betraying her and plotting her destruction. She decides to expose the secrets of Deep. She develops hatred for Deep again. She is determined to ruin him. Deep is sure that Aarohi will die before she could explore his truth. Deep and Tara team up again, against Aarohi. Aarohi doesn’t deter and gets back to form to counter both of them. The thrill of the show gets back with Deep’s grey shades.

Aarohi gets Anjali’s call, who promises Aarohi that she will help her unveil the entire mystery of her identity loss. She asks Aarohi to meet her once. Aarohi goes to meet Anjali, and gets a huge shock knowing she is given Anjali’s face. Before, Anjali could reveal anything to her, she suffers with an accident. Aarohi is left behind with all her questions. She doesn’t know whom to believe.


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