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Jiji Maa

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira calls up Kartik to get her phone back. Surekha feels sorry to misbehave with the elders. She doesn’t know how to end her fears. She wants Dadi to understand and be concerned for Mansi. She wants Mansi to get settled, as Mansi’s past isn’t clean. She fears that Mansi will not be accepted by the society. Kartik meets Naira and returns her phone. He asks her if she wants to tell something. She asks him why did he enquire about Anmol when she told him about Anmol’s reformation. He tells her that he has to confirm things about Anmol as he has concern for Mansi. She asks him why did he not trust her. They both argue over having trust issues. He tells her that he is Mansi’s brother and its his duty to verify about Anmol’s background before thinking of taking the alliance ahead. He asks her why is she creating an issue if his way of verifying is different.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita and Raman face the protest. Ishita claims that her husband is innocent. She asks them to find the real culprit if they want justice for Tania. She tells the women that Raman can never do wrong, and her belief is true. The women oppose Ishita and question her for using money and bailing out Raman. The women tell Raman that they will drag him and get him punished. Raman loses his cool and tells them that they can’t do anything. Raman’s image gets ruined. Police help him and save him from the crazy women. The women find another way to trouble Raman. Aaliya tries to manage her responsibilities. She goes out to buy grocery and faces trouble when some people attack Raman’s family.

Mayavi Maling: Angad pushes Pranali down the cliff and shocks her. He saves her life and shows off his demonic powers. He confronts her over her decision and asks her if she doesn’t want to become part of his world. He boasts of his powers. She opposes his powers, which aren’t right for anyone. Madhumali plays a trick with Haran and instigates him into wearing the magical gloves. Haran isn’t aware of Shil Aditya’s hand prints on the gloves. Madhumali asks him to play with gloves, while Shil Aditya gets controlled by Haran’s gestures. Shil Aditya starts strangling Eshwarya, which shocks everyone.


Anika serves the sweets to everyone with an aim to find Payal. She meets Priyanka and tries to alert her about Daksh. She entertains everyone by her funny liners. Priyanka blesses Anika and tells her that very soon she will find a life partner. Anika gives the sweets to Shivay. When he refuses, she feeds him the laddoo. Priyanka jokes that Shivay will marry Shanno. Shivay tells them that he doesn’t want to marry her, as he can’t handle her beauty. Omkara and Rudra joke on Shivay and Shanno’s bonding. Priyanka tells Shivay that her words won’t come true, she is just kidding. Daksh tells Tia that Anika can never find Payal. Anika finds the cupboard and tries to free Payal. In no time, Daksh shifts Payal to another place.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Amyra lies to Kulfi about her dad and asks her to go. Kulfi gets excited that she has finally got her dad. Tevar calls up Lovely and insists her to meet him once. She refuses to him. He tells her that he would come her home if she doesn’t come. She agrees to meet him to put a stop to his madness. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she will get much happiness in life, as she got her dad. Kulfi misunderstands him and tells him that she is really getting her dad, found by Amyra. He thinks she got the adoption news and is happy about it. Kulfi and Sikandar sing and celebrate. Amyra takes Kulfi away from Sikandar. She goes to drop Kulfi. Sikandar feels Mahendar’s decision is right and this will complete their family. He informs the family that Kulfi agreed for the adoption. Amyra shows a stranger to Kulfi and lies that he is her dad.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna and Radhe look after Lali. Krishna feels sad for Lali and thinks how Lali has always supported her. Lali is the only person who is righteous in the house. Krishna gets determined to get justice for Lali. She files a police complaint against Gajanan. Police barges inside Shukla house and asks for Gajanan to arrest him on charges of domestic violence and women abuse. He asks Shukla to call his son. Shukla opposes the police and tries to save his son. He asks who has file the FIR. Inspector reveals that Krishna has filed the complaint, and he has to take an action. Krishna shows Lali’s wounds to lady constable. She takes the responsibility of bringing Lali to the police station to make her give the formal statement against Gajanan. Gajanan pays for torturing his wife.


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