Krishna Chali London: Sweet moments for Radhe and Krishna

Shukla reveals Krishna's past

Radhe acts ill to stop Krishna at home. Radhe gets itching. He gets much troubled. He asks Krishna to call Saajan home urgently. She doesn’t understand the reason and calls up Saajan. Saajan comes to ask Radhe’s welfare. Radhe tells him that he didn’t bath since few days after the accident, he is unable to tolerate the itching. He asks Saajan to help him in taking a bath. Saajan tells him that he doesn’t know all this. Krishna hears a sound from the washroom. She goes to check and sees Saajan helping Radhe in taking a bath. Radhe’s bandage gets drenched.

Krishna tells Saajan that Radhe may fall more ill if he takes a bath this way. She sends Saajan and looks after Radhe. Krishna gives Radhe a sponge bath. Krishna and Radhe have a moment. Radhe gets shy of her. Their closeness increases. Krishna knows he is a nice person and cares for her a lot. She feels guilty for his state, as he jumped down the terrace to stop her. He doesn’t want her to go away. He wishes Krishna changes her decision. Krishna thinks she should stay back for Radhe’s sake. She falls in a dilemma because of Shukla family.


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