Krishna Chali London: Krishna loses out in her battle of justice

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Krishna and Radhe’s mum gets into a big argument. Krishna opposes her thinking. She tells Radhe’s mum that they can’t sacrifice Lali just to keep their family name. Radhe’s mum tells that every woman has to lower her gaze and obey her husband to keep the marriage. She remarks Krishna’s mistake of calling police home. Krishna tells them that Lali isn’t any animal that they torture her and teach wrong customs. Krishna doesn’t lose out in the argument and justifies her move. Radhe gets disturbed with the series of events. He learns that Gajanan isn’t released and Shukla will also be with him in the police station at night. Krishna asks him if he feels she has done wrong by calling police.

He tells her that she should have asked him once. She tells him that she didn’t wish to call police, but the criminal has to be punished, Gajanan has committed a crime by beating up his wife. Radhe and Krishna have a moment. He realizes she is hurt. He takes care of her. He doesn’t care for what his family tells him about Krishna.

Krishna thanks Radhe for understanding her concern for Lali. She doesn’t want Lali to bear any injustice again. She asks him to think for Lali, who doesn’t get anyone’s support in the family. She tells Radhe that she is leaving the house soon. Radhe asks her not to go. Lali learns about Gajanan’s arrest and Krishna’s official complaint. Bela tells Lali that Krishna has sent Gajanan to jail. Krishna advises Lali to give her statement to police to get Gajanan punished. Lali doesn’t take her advice and frees Gajanan from all the blames. She withdraws the case. Shukla gets into an argument with inspector. Shukla gets insulting the inspector for all the trouble caused to them. Krishna gets upset with Lali for ruining her efforts. She asks Lali to help herself and get her rights. Lali tells Krishna that she has learnt to deal with her wounds and pain. She loves Gajanan and can’t see him in trouble. Shuklas welcome Gajanan and Lali back home. Krishna declares her decision of leaving the house and Radhe’s life.


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