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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita meet the inspector and learn the truth behind Raghav’s crimes and death. He reveals to them that Raghav planned to help Tania in the fake suicide attempt as told by Simmi and Parmeet. Raghav sets things so that Tania hangs to the fan, but doesn’t get killed. He then gets greedy for money and thinks to kill Tania in order to get the huge amount. Raghav commits the murder and then hangs Tania to show it as a suicide. Inspector tells Raman that Raghav planned the fake suicide, but ended up killing Tania for the sake of money. He frees Raman from all the blames. She asks Raman if he doubts on anyone who can frame him. Ishita wants to name Simmi, but Raman doesn’t let her name Simmi and Parmeet. He tells Ishita that its a big day for them, and he doesn’t want police at home for any reason. He plans to celebrate the baby’s coming happily with entire family.

Mayavi Maling:

Eshwarya tells Antara about Shil Aditya. Chegu meets Eshwarya and hides her worry for her. He gets to see her and acts annoyed. He feels she has chosen her luxuries over love. Antara tells him that Shil Aditya is missing. Chegu gets a shock and asks Eshwarya to allow him to kill Angad. She tells him that they need Angad to do the rituals of the sacred lake, they can’t kill him. Madhumali proposes Haran to become a demon. He asks her if this is possible. She gets glad that he is agreeing to walk on her path. She falls for Haran. Antara and Chegu try hard to meditate using their powers and find Shil Aditya.


Shivay cries for Priyanka and thinks how she lost all her happiness. Daksh meets him to seek forgiveness. Shivay gets angry on him for running away without thinking of Priyanka once. Daksh cooks up a story and puts the blame on Anika. He tells him that Anika has blackmailed him and made him break the marriage. He says I had to run away to save Priyanka’s happiness and Oberois’ respect, since Anika was going to make your confession video viral and ruin your family. He tells Shivay that he was left with no option than to follow Anika’s instructions. Shivay gets Anika’s letter for Priyanka. Daksh doesn’t let Shivay believe the letter. He tells Shivay that Anika came here in disguise to get him. He reveals that Anika got obsessed for him and was ready to become his mistress when he denied to marry her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik gets rings for Mansi and Anmol’s engagements. Rukmani gets pleased seeing the costly rings. Naira opposes Kartik and tells him that they can afford the rings themselves. Kartik tells her that he got the rings with love, he isn’t showing off his richness. Naira objects to his gifts. Kartik calls her mad to raise an objection and not consider family’s happiness. He asks her why isn’t she thinking for the family, and just getting their differences in between the marriage. He taunts her for changing the rules. Naira tells him that they will manage the engagement arrangements on own. Kartik asks them not to refuse for the rings. Rukmani accepts the gifts. Kartik tells Naira that he will always do much for Mansi as he loves her, even if anyone misunderstands his intentions.

Jiji Maa:

Rawats play and have a good time. Vidhaan learns about the tiger threat. He tells them about the tiger who is hunting people. Suyash suggests that they should return home. Falguni and Niyati show their brave side and ask the little girl not to get scared. Uttara thinks she has got a good chance to get Falguni killed by the tiger. She plots to send Falguni to the jungle so that Falguni falls in trouble. Vidhaan wishes that this is just a rumor. The villagers confirm about the tiger killing people.


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