Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini to fall in love with Kunal!!

Silsila: Shocking twists lined up in Nandini's life

Rajdeep defames Nandini. Nandini faces humiliation by the society members, who expel her from the building. Kunal comes to Nandini’s rescue. He holds her when the people throw her out. Kunal defends Nandini and lectures the people in favor of Nandini’s dignity. He can’t hear bad things about Nandini. People want Nandini to leave from the building. Kunal explains them that its Rajdeep’s mistake, who has ashamed his wife by leaking the MMS, Nandini is a victim in the case, and they should support her. The people then realize that Nandini is facing much sorrow already and they should support her.

Kunal asks the people if such thing happens with them and if they fail to prove their innocence, what will they go through, same way they shouldn’t insult Nandini. Nandini gets happy to see Kunal defending Nandini. Rajdeep watches the drama.

Kunal sees Rajdeep and runs to stop him. Rajdeep shows the MMS to Kunal and jokes cheaply. Kunal asks him if he has completely lost it. Kunal breaks Rajdeep’s phone. Kunal beats up Rajdeep in a fit of rage. They have a fight. Kunal gets hurt too. Nandini worries seeing their fight. She gets into a moment with Kunal. Rajdeep has become a problem for Nandini. She finds an ideal life partner in Kunal. She starts falling for Kunal.


  1. Now i am going to hate this started with a domestic voilence created a soft corner in our heart. But it went into a wrong direction.


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