Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra to rectify Shivay’s big blunder

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

Shivay tells Anika that he will make her die for getting the respect of his wife, she won’t have any status and will just be regarded as his mistress in front of the world. He refuses to give her his name and rights. He ousts her from his life. Shivay abandons her in anger and leaves from the temple. Anika runs after Shivay to beg him for an acceptance. She gets some black beads and thinks of her marriage. She gets sorrowful over their terrible relation. Shivay regrets to dump her, but then recollects Daksh’s statements against Anika. He gets angered on Anika once again. Daksh tells Tia that he has covered up all his mistakes by a master stroke, Shivay will marry her now. He tells Tia how Shivay lost belief in Anika and punished her.

Tia feels Anika will always be a problem in her relation. Daksh tells Tia that Anika is no comparison to her, Anika can never become a part of Shivay’s life. He asks Tia not to feel insecure, Shivay is just teaching a lesson to Anika.


She worries that Shivay can make a big blunder to teach Anika a lesson. She asks Daksh to go and get Shivay home. He feels she is worrying a lot. Shivay feels guilty thinking of Anika’s tears, which hurts his heart too. He doesn’t want to feel guilty. He justifies himself as Anik has ruined Priyanka’s life. Tyagi informs Daksh and tells her about Shivay taking Anika forcibly somewhere. He gives the news to Daksh to relieve his stress.

Daksh gets more stressed and thinks if Shivay will believe Anika and know his truth. He wants Shivay and Tia to marry so that he can get part of Oberois money. Anika cries all night and returns home the next morning. She faces humiliation from the neighborhood. Omkara questions Shivay about breaking Anika’s marriage. He asks Shivay how can he ruin Anika’s life and marriage. Shivay doesn’t wish to tell anything to them. He asks Omkara not to mention Anika’s name. Gauri and aunt ask Anika about the sindoor. Gauri asks Anika what happened with her. Anika tells them that Shivay has married her. Aunt tells Gauri that Shivay has made Anika his mistress, since rich men don’t make poor women their wives.

Anika faces double insult by the locality people. Shivay conceals his marriage and tells Omkara that he wants to just focus on Priyanka’s recovery now. He tells them what doctors told about Priyanka’s weak survival chances. He decides to get her home. Obros cry thinking of losing Priyanka forever.

Omkara receives a shocking news from Khanna. He learns about Shivika’s marriage and Anika’s humiliation happening publicly in the locality. Aunt throws out Anika from the house. She doesn’t want Anika to bring disgrace for them. Gauri asks aunt not to hurt Anika. Aunt asks Gauri to take her sister and leave. Gauri warns them against troubling Anika. The people rage and throw away Anika, to oust her from the locality.

Anika gets a relief when she finds Omkara and Rudra coming to her rescue. Aunt tells them that Anika is claiming to be Shivay’s wife, but none would believe this. She insults Anika. Omkara and Rudra scold Anika’s aunt, and accept Anika as Shivay’s wife. They sympathize with Anika and take her home with all the due respect. Gauri asks Anika to go to her new home. Omkara and Rudra shock Shivay by getting Anika home. They don’t fear of Shivay’s anger. They want to rectify Shivay’s mistake.


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