Mayavi Maling: Pranali to shockingly harm Angad and Madhumali

Angad confronts Pranali

Angad wants to save Pranali’s life by consummating their marriage, so that Marekeyasur spares her life. He tells her that she will also turn into a demon and thus become a part of his world, she won’t be killed by the demons then. Eshwarya cries when she fails to find a way to save Pranali. She gets worried after Chegu’s warning about Pranali’s death. Garima worries for Pranali too. She tells Eshwarya what she has heard her talk with Chegu. They try to find a solution to save their beloved sister. Angad asks Pranali not to deny to him. She tells him that she will die when he places his demonic weapon at the sacred lake. She tells him that he can save her life by avoiding his goals.

Angad gets helpless. She tells him that she has hopes from him, but he is a demon who wants to end the existence of Maling lake. She asks him not to worry for her life. She refuses to become a demon to save her life. She attacks Angad to keep him away. It turns shocking for Angad. Eshwarya seeks help from Adhivanth.

She tells him that everyone will die if Angad and Madhumali succeed in placing the demonic weapon in the lake. Garima asks him to help them stop Angad. Angad tells them that something happened to Pranali. Pranali takes the form of Agnishakti and stuns them. She attacks Angad in front of them. They get shocked when Pranali vanishes. Madhumali falls in deep danger when Pranali attacks her and puts her in the Maling lake to burn her. Angad manages to save Madhumali. Madhumali’s life falls in risk.

Her leg burns by the water. Angad cures Madhumali’s burns and relieves her pain. He asks Madhumali if she is fine. She asks Angad how is he now. She wonders who is doing this with them, who wants to kill them. Eshwarya and Garima question Angad about Pranali. Angad scolds them for troubling Madhumali in such a time. Eshwarya says you are responsible for Pranali’s disappearance. Pranali comes back to them, and behaves normal, as if she doesn’t remember whatever she has done. They get puzzled by her behavior. Angad tries to find what powers Pranali holds.


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