Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ashi’s entry to bring new hopes for Suwarna

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Kartik and Naira wind up their arguments and become a part of Mansi and Anmol’s engagement. They get the next date for the divorce proceedings. The families rejoice and celebrate with the musical gift for Mansi and Anmol. The ladies gossip about Kartik and Naira, and question Dadi about their divorce. Dadi lies to them that its nothing like that. The ladies get taunting Dadi for covering up her family’s flaws. Dadi feels embarrassed hearing to their taunts. Naira witnesses Dadi in trouble and goes to answer the ladies to defend Dadi. Naira tells the ladies that its not their concern if she is getting divorced. She asks the ladies not to trouble Dadi for anyone’s breaking relation. She apologizes to Dadi for bearing so much.

Dadi doesn’t feel that its Kartik’s mistake. She holds Naira responsible for everything, as Naira has asked for a divorce and compelled Kartik too. She berates Naira for ruining her reputation in between the guests by speaking of divorce. She asks Naira why didn’t she pretend happy and united with Kartik for a few days.

She feels Naira doesn’t care for her, and did this intentionally to publicize about the divorce. Kartik sees Dadi requesting Naira and misunderstands Naira once again. He goes to ask the matter. Dadi tells him that Naira told the ladies about the divorce. Kartik scolds Naira for hurting his family. She feels nothing changed between them as he still holds her responsible for every wrong that happens around. He is thankful that he is getting rid of her. He tells her that he wants the divorce process to complete soon. Naira angrily leaves the party, watching Kartik dance with the family.

Kartik gets a surprise when Ashi comes home. He gets delighted on meeting his childhood friend. He introduces Ashi to his family. Suwarna gets happy with Kartik’s positive reaction. She hopes of getting Kartik married to Ashi. Ashi and Kartik’s close bond irks Singhanias.

Kartik gets sad thinking of Naira. Ashi jokingly tells Kartik that she will keep him away from Naira. Ashi brings a wave of happiness in Goenka house. Kirti introduces her husband. Ashi doesn’t know about KaiRa’s separation. She asks Kartik about Naira. She tells him that she wants to meet Naira.

The ladies taunt Suwarna for getting Kartik remarried. Suwarna doesn’t care and thinks of Kartik’s second marriage. Naira cries for her breaking relation. Naksh supports Naira. He thanks her for coming back and getting Naitik home. He cheers her up. Kartik spends time with Ashi. Suwarna thinks Ashi will be the right life partner for Kartik. Ashi asks Kartik about Naira again and again. He reveals his divorce decision. She asks him to rethink about the decision again and forget the past. She openly flirts with him. Suwarna gets happy for them. Kirti understands Suwarna’s planning and opposes her.

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