Krishna Chali London: Shukla reveals Krishna and Prashant’s link past

Shukla reveals Krishna's past

Shukla reveals Krishna and Prashant’s link past in a manner, that gets shocked for Radhe and the entire family. Shukla tells Radhe what Krishna had done. He asks Radhe to make a choice and either have Krishna or his family. Shkula creates a new drama. He taunts Krishna well. He tells Radhe that Krishna had an affair with Prashant, that’s why Prashant bailed out Dubey, Prashant is her ex lover, Radhe is a fool who got beaten up in the wrestling match to arrange the money, but Radhe’s help wasn’t required by Krishna, she already had her lover with her. He tells Radhe that Radhe is madly in love with Krishna and has become her puppet, but Krishna still loves Prashant. He asks Radhe if he will do something about this, or still be blind in love.

Shukla asks Radhe to go to his mum’s lap and shed tears now, since he is totally useless. Radhe didn’t know about Prashant. Shukla reveals Krishna and Prashant’s relation to spoil Krishna;s happiness. He insults Krishna.

Radhe gets speechless and bears all the anger from Shukla for Krishna’s sake. Krishna tries to speak up in her defense. Shukla asks her not to fool him, he is quite smart and can guess everything well. He asks Krishna to make stories and fool Radhe. Radhe then takes a step for Krishna’s respect and tells Shukla that he already knew about Krishna and Prashant’s past. He had no idea about her past and lover, but he lies that Krishna didn’t hide anything from him, they have much trust between them.

Krishna asks Radhe how did he know about Prashant. Radhe tells her that he didn’t know anything, but he lied for her sake. Krishna feels embarrassed. He wants to know if Krishna has any feelings for Prashant. He asks Krishna if she wants to keep the marriage or return to Prashant. Radhe wants Krishna to decide for her life, without any pressure. He gets heartbroken and fears of losing Krishna. Krishna realizes Radhe is good-hearted and a humble man. She doesn’t want to hurt his heart.


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